06 November 2018, By Mater Lotteries

Live your best life of fun filled adventure on Bribie Island

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Owning a home on Bribie Island has never been so appealing with a vast array of adventure activities to keep life fun and exciting. Purchase a ticket today for your chance to win Mater Prize Home lottery No. 280 and live an action packed lifestyle.

Bribie Island seemed once only popular with retirees who would move to the tranquil island to enjoy a quieter coastal life. Oh how times have changed!

This island may be small but it now packs a punch in terms of adventure. The resident demographic has expanded to include professionals and families happy to soak up the relaxed island lifestyle, but just as eager to spend their days with fun filled exploration. We’ve compiled a list of the best adventure activities so if you’re the winner of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 280 you can visualise your new life in overdrive.

Off road adventures

Whilst Bribie has some gorgeous patrolled beaches for swimming and boarding the real adventure lies on the north eastern side of the island where day trippers pack up their 4WD to explore the picturesque coastline. There is nothing quite like winding down the windows to let in the coastal air and calming soundtrack of lapping waves.

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Stop the 4WD mid-way as this stunning stretch of secluded shoreline is the perfect spot for surf fishing. Drop a line and you are likely to catch whiting, dart and bream.

Who would have thought this amazing location is only a short distance from Mater Prize Home lottery No. 280!

Experience Bribie from the sky

Have you ever experienced your adrenaline building as the small plane assents into the sky, and you move toward the edge to jump out. Sky diving is the ultimate in adventure activities and Bribie is a prime spot to experience this sport. Tick it off that bucket list as you soak up the spectacular views over Bribie, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and softly land back to safety on Bribie’s superb white sand beaches.

Surf the swells

If surfing is a favourite pastime of yours, Woorim Beach, less than 15 minutes’ drive from Mater Prize Home lottery No. 280, is an ideal spot to seek out the perfect wave. Woorim Beach has patrolled areas for safety and those that are yet to master the sport can book a session with Sunshine Coast Surf Schools to show you the ropes.

Play up in the marine park

Dividing the mainland and Bribie is Pumicestone Passage; a 35 kilometre marine playground.

This picturesque strip is popular with jet skiers who glide up the passage to the north of Bribie where they park their jet ski and walk the short distance across the tip of the island to the secluded surf side.

For those who like to soak up scenery at a slower pace the calm waters of Pumicestone Passage also provide a sheltered area ideal for stand up paddle boarders (SUPs). Just watch out for small boats that frequent the strip where anglers cast out lines hoping to catch their seafood dinner.

Bush walking the National Park

As striking as Mater Prize Home lottery No. 280 is, you can’t spend every day at home. Escape for the day and connect with nature by bush walking through Bribie’s many scenic tracks which meander through the island’s National Park. Bribie is a largely untouched sanctuary with 80 percent of the island zoned as National Park so the opportunities to discover native wildflowers or spot migrating shorebirds in spring is abundant.

Are you tired yet? Perhaps a little?

Your island home oasis awaits

Imagine going home after each energy fuelled day to a spectacular new home – Mater Prize Home lottery No.280. Decked out to ensure luxury and comfort this two storey, four bedroom, canal front home is the cherry on top to this wonderful new adventure lifestyle.

The stunning 800m² property features open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms, which overflow outside to two large entertaining pavilions. This gorgeous setting would not be complete without a sparkling pool where you can relax and contemplate your next Bribie adventure.

If you can see yourself taking on this appealing adventure lifestyle with a luxurious $1.7 million home to boot purchase a ticket today. You never know – it could be you 4WDing, skydiving, surfing, fishing and bush walking Bribie each and every day.

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