10 May 2017, By Mater Lotteries

Behind the scenes with one of the Mater Prize Home lottery interior designers

3 min read

Have you ever wondered who puts together the beautiful interiors in each home for the Mater Prize Home lottery? We decided to interview one of our very talented interior designers, Nicole Davies from NDM Design and give you behind the scenes access to her styling, advice and inspiration for our current Mater Prize Home lottery No. 271 at Hope Island. Here is what she had to say.

How long does it take you source each piece for the fit out?  From design to installation, approximately two months.  However, I always feel like I’m thinking, “that would look great with that” or “my next project I’d really like to incorporate an element of this”.

What is your favourite item in this home?  With this house there are some really nice moments. I adore the velvet bedheads as they set a nice colour palette in each bedroom. The photo-realism art by Tamika Keioskie is a definite favourite.   It’s oversize and beautiful. It sits perfectly behind the dining table.

What is your favourite personal interior style?  The Art Deco style for the shapes, and graphic patterns.  I like the simplicity and clean straight lines of the Mid Century Modern design. I also like the ornate decorative style of French interiors. I like placing together different genres of style.

Where do you love to shop for interiors?  It depends on the client and the brief. With this prize home items were sourced from a range of suppliers. These included Anthropologie, Canvas and Sassoon, Pop and Scott, Wisteria, Globe West, TW Fine Art.

What was your inspiration for the design of this prize home?  We wanted colour combined with interesting textures and patterns. We aimed to create a natural and liveable home with an abundance of greenery and interesting vignettes. However it still had to have a coastal contemporary vibe that appealed to our clientele.

If money was no object what would you have loved to include in this space?  I would have finished the walls with a wallpaper fabric or some material. Perhaps some floor to ceiling sheer curtains in the bedrooms to create that feminine space. More art on walls, more feature pieces.  More of everything!

Describe your personal interior design style.  My aesthetic is modern with a feminine element. I like contemporary design but there must be a romantic feel to the space.

How did you get into interior styling and design?  I was inspired to get into interiors working for Interior Designers in London and South Africa. When I returned to Australia I did a degree in 3D Design but I felt it wasn’t the right fit for me.  Decorating and styling was definitely something I enjoyed more. I did a Certificate IV in Interior Decorating and it was my perfect fit.

What advice would you give to up and coming designers?  The obvious advice is to take risks with your work and to trust yourself and your creative process.  However, design is a business, so be organised. Listen to your client with their needs always in focus. Having good style or an eye is one thing, it’s important to be able to execute.

What do you use for inspiration?  Travel opens my mind and introduces me to new ways of living and engaging in my environment. Nature is inspiring when searching for colour, texture or composition.  I’m inspired by fashion, by people, by my experiences. Inspiration is everywhere.

What’s your favourite room/space in the home?  I don’t want to sound cliché with this answer as almost every designer says it but it’s the kitchen!  It is the hub of any home.