11 December 2020, By Dave Carey

Born to be Wildtrak: Win a Ford Ranger Wildtrak and Two Yamaha WaveRunners

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The whole world changed in 2020. Even as Australia opens back up, the desire to head overseas has waned. When we holiday, we holiday at home. Or near home. Somewhere near the water sounds nice. Should we head up the river or down to the beach? How’s the serenity? Wait, save that for the old folks’ home. Until then, there’s time to carve up the H2O on a pair of Yamaha EX WaveRunners, towed to your aquatic playground behind a brand-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak. How? Well, you could buy the ute and jet skis for a combined price of $107,784. Or just plonk $30 down for a ticket to win it.

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The Ranger Wildtrak, according to Ford, is ‘tough done smarter’. And that’s not marketing hype; the humble ute has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of spartan interiors and dubious crash protection, replaced instead by luxury fittings, impressive tech and, in the case of the Wildtrak, a five-star ANCAP crash safety rating.

That’s if it ever crashes; the Wildtrak packs cutting-edge systems designed to keep you, your mates and your family out of harm’s way. The stuff of science fiction a decade or so ago, Ford’s Lane Keeping Aid warns you if you’re drifting off course and even helps correct your path. Sensors recognise traffic signs and alert you to changing speed limits in real-time, while the AEB system detects pedestrians and cyclists, even if you haven’t.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

While safety tech is great, these days connectivity is king, therefore the Wildtrak’s infotainment system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and includes a DAB+ digital radio. It’s all controlled by an eight-inch colour touch screen, with two 4.2-inch screens replacing the gauges.

On the open road, the big 3.2 litre, five-cylinder diesel keeps the Wildtrak trekking, but it’s the 470Nm of torque that makes light work of towing. That’s handy, because if you win the Ranger Wildtrak, you’ll also receive trailer with a pair of Yamaha EX WaveRunner jet skis parked on top.

Fun for the whole family, each EX WaveRunner carries up to three people, catering to even the most copious of clans. The package includes life jackets, relevant accessories, a licensing course and a $6000 BCF voucher so you can stock up any other gear you can think of, and the EXs run four-stroke engines so refuelling is easy. Grab a ticket if you like the idea of carving up the waves and remember, despite having ‘cars’ in their name, Mater Cars for Cancer is always keeping it interesting for you.

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Yamaha EX WaveRunner

By now, you’re picturing a perfect summer’s day; new ute and new jet skis, hanging with friends and family. When it’s time to pack up, FordPass Connect allows you to remote start the car and get the aircon cranking. Or simply find it if you’ve lost it. And if you have lost your Wildtrak, rest assured all the gear in the tub is safe and secured under a power-operated roller shutter; most houses don’t even have that.

Most houses don’t have a modified Ford Mustang in the garage either, but if you buy a ticket and win the lottery yours will, along with the Wildtrak, the WaveRunners and $6500 in cashable gold bullion. With such a varied prize pool, there’s something in there for everyone; your contribution not only makes a difference to those living with cancer, but gives you the chance to win it all.

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