03 August 2015, By Mater Lotteries

Dad wins a beautiful canal-front home for his little girl

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When a dad and his young daughter toured Mater Prize Home lottery No. 259 in Hope Island, they knew in their hearts that this was their new home.

Living almost around the corner from the Hope Island prize home in a small rented unit, dad and his little girl toured the Mater Prize Home at Hope Island. When their regular VIP tickets arrived, they told themselves that they were going to win this one.

The life-changing news couldn’t have come at a better time—just weeks before, dad had lost his job and bills had started to fall behind. He started a new job on the Thursday and received his life changing call the following Friday 26 June.

“I usually don’t answer blocked numbers, but this one felt different” he said.

He was so shocked on the phone, he didn’t believe Mater Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Nigel Harris and had to call back later on to confirm.

After catching his breath, he immediately called little girl’s mum and asked her to put the phone on speaker with his daughter in ear shot.

“You know that house we said we were going to win… We won it!” he said.

“For real daddy? You’re not joking?” she said, before dropping the phone and screaming with excitement.
Dad said he had tears in his eyes when he finally got to tell his little girl the news in person. That weekend when out shopping, she bumped into a friend. On asking how her weekend had been she replied “Actually it’s been great, we won a Mater Prize Home!”

The following Thursday at the handover of their new home, she was whizzing around the home assigning rooms and planning her first slumber party. The father and daughter moved into the straight away, having already started packing whatever they needed from their old home.

While going through all the official handover documents with Lotteries Executive Director Bruce Dennehy, Dad still had tears in his eyes talking about how this would set his daughter up for such a bright future. “It means the world to us,” he said.

Dad’s eyes did something else entirely when his new Sea-ray 250 Select EX Sport Boat rumbled into site while he was signing some documents. He stopped speaking mid-sentence as it pulled up onto his private pontoon!

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