11 February 2021, By Dave Carey

Freedom of Choice: A Toyota LandCruiser + Jayco Caravan

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In a competition first, Mater Cars for Cancer are giving you the chance to win a Toyota LandCruiser VX wagon and a Jayco All Terrain Caravan. To take the road less travelled, grab a ticket or two here.

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Camping is fun. But glamping is more fun; the option to have all the luxuries and amenities of home while you’re holidaying away from it. Think about it; beds, fridge, freezer, a shower and a tele just in case the weather is against you. It’s enticing.

Enticing enough for you to enter the lottery I hope, because it’s not just cars that can help the fight against cancer but caravans too, hence why Mater Cars for Cancer is happy to give one away; an All Terrain Caravan from Jayco, Australia’s leading RV manufacturer for over 45 years.

Jayco is an Aussie institution, filling caravan parks across the nation with their quality products since 1975. Having built a solid reputation across 200,000 units, it now stands that one in every two caravans sold in Australia is a Jayco!

The nineteen-footer All Terrain Caravan doesn’t need a holiday park to be useful; your home-away-from-home can be anywhere thanks to free camping equipment such as dual, roof-mounted 160-watt solar panels and dual 100-amp auxiliary batteries.


The All Terrain Caravan is fitted with twin 82 litre water tanks, for the internal shower and toilet, plus there’s another shower outside in case you or the kids return to the van covered in dirt, mud or sand all collected in the name of fun. Inside, a Thetford Four Burner Oven/Griller, microwave, 171L Thetford fridge/freezer and 22L gas/electric hot water service will keep you all cooking comfort food and coffees for days.

Towing a big van used to be stressful, but not anymore. Gone are the horse-and-cart-style leaf springs and solid axles, instead replaced by coil springs and independent suspension; some cars don’t even have that! Getting the wobbles when towing can sometimes spell disaster, which is why Jayco fit their All Terrain vans with Lippert’s Sway Command system, which independently applies the caravan’s brakes if it detects a tankslapper is imminent.

The chance to choose a holiday destination, load the van and leave is right here. Buy a ticket, help the fight against cancer and go in the draw to win a Jayco All Terrain Caravan.

Mater Cars for Cancer isn’t going to just dump a van on you and run. You need something to tow it with! The Toyota LandCruiser needs no introduction; it’s been one of Australia’s leading fourbies for decades. Toyota call it ‘King off the road’ for a reason.

The Mater Cars for Cancer ‘Cruiser is the latest 200-series, decked out in all the gear you need to get off road with your home in tow. The 4.5 litre twin-turbo V8 diesel boasts 650Nm of torque; just what the doctor ordered to drag the Jayco.

LandCruiser VX

The family will ride in comfort with quad-zone climate control, a nine-speaker digital radio infotainment system, USB connectivity and satellite navigation. If the kids argue about the music selection remember; you have controls on the steering wheel. And if they ask “Are we there yet?” you can just point at the onscreen GPS and let them work it out!

If you love the outdoors, whether that’s the shimmering beaches of the coast, the stark beauty of the Australian outback or the leafy green mountains somewhere in between, there’s never been a better time to help out with cancer research. Grab a ticket and put yourself in the draw to win the ‘Cruiser and the caravan. And remember, if you do win and realise you don’t really want to go caravanning, you can always choose the brutal Chevrolet Silverado and KTM dirt bikes instead.

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