19 January 2017, By Mater Lotteries

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell my family and friends that it had already spread…”

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In November 2015, a shock diagnosis put 58-year-old Mark’s life, and everything and everyone he loved, into perspective.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A disease that claims the lives of nine Australian men every single day*.

“My diagnosis came as a complete shock. At that point I didn’t really think too deeply about the seriousness of the diagnosis,” Mark said.

His prostate cancer was frighteningly well advanced and Mark was referred to begin treatment at Mater Cancer Care Centre immediately.

“What I knew from the doctors was that the cancer cells had already metastasized to other parts of my body; including my tail bone and my pelvic bone.”

“I wasn’t able to tell my family and friends that it had already spread, but they soon figured it out when I began chemotherapy immediately.”

Mark began six gruelling rounds of chemotherapy treatment.

“The treatment caused a lot of side effects including pain, especially in my knees, because of arthritis.”

But for Mark, his cancer journey has taught him many things and he has come to some important realisations.

“Before this, I used to work very long hours. I have since put things into perspective and my life has changed,” Mark said.

“I also now reflect on my absolute appreciation for my wonderful family, my employer who has provided support second-to-none and all of my friends.”

“The results are now looking good. As far as we know, there is no sign of cancer and I am very thankful, especially to everyone at Mater Cancer Care Centre for that.”

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*Source: aihw.gov.au/cancer/prostate