22 March 2021, By Mater Lotteries

Research is the most important tool we have in the fight against breast cancer…

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To cancer survivor Marissa, research gives her hope for a future with her family. “My wish is that one day we will find treatments for breast cancer that don’t have such debilitating side effects like chemotherapy, and together we can get a little closer to understanding this terrible disease,” Marissa said.

“I was only 38 when I received a shock diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. The cancer was moving fast, so my options were limited. To give me the best chance, the doctors recommended chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy.”

Marissa is one of the 18 087 women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia each year. Marissa wants to share her story and encourage women to regularly check themselves and access national screening programs.

World-class research at Mater is targeting the spread of breast cancer

In the lab at Mater Research, Dr Patricia Carreira is leading a research project to tackle how jumping genes affect cancer progression, and whether they can be used to identify which cancers are going to spread.

While there is still a long way to go, this research at Mater—if successful—could give doctors a better understanding of what makes a cancer spread, and which cancers are likely to metastasise.

As a result, the survival rates of women diagnosed with breast cancer could improve. 

Your support of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is helping to fund this vital, ground-breaking research, and for that, patients like Marrisa are very grateful to you.

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