29 November 2016, By Mater Lotteries

Mater’s efforts to prevent lymphoedema following melanoma surgery

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Mater occupational therapist and clinician, Melody Brown, is working on a study which has the potential to change the way surgeons and therapists treat melanoma patients following surgery.

Melody’s research project is focussing on improving post-surgical care for patients who have undergone surgery for metastatic melanoma.

Patients who undergo surgery for metastatic melanoma frequently develop lymphoedema—which is a swelling of the tissue under the skin.

To help these patients, Melody is conducting a randomised trial involving six months of self-massage of the legs and/or torso in combination with the use of compression stockings. It is hoped that this therapy will greatly reduce the development or severity of lymphoedema in patients post-surgery.

As a busy therapist and clinician at Mater, Melody has only been able to conduct this important research thanks to a fellowship—this fellowship provides salary support for her clinical time so she can focus on her research activity, while her patients are able to receive the same level of care in her absence.

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