06 October 2016, By Mater Lotteries

One year later—how a Mater Prize Home lottery win changed Regina’s life

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It has been just over 12 months since Regina won Mater Prize Home lottery No. 258, a gorgeous terrace in the heart of Sydney, and she is still flabbergasted she had the winning ticket number.

As Regina’s reminisces on her win she believes the win couldn’t have come at a better time in her life.

“It had been a rough couple months leading up to the day I received the winner’s call—it was coming up to the anniversary of my husband’s death and I was living in a commission flat struggling to make ends meet.

“The day after I received the phone call informing me of my win, my electricity and internet was cut off as I could no longer afford to pay my bills, the win has well and truly changed my life”, Regina said.

Not only did Regina win a three bedroom apartment in Glebe, she had also won a Range Rover Evoque worth $129,982; $50,000 gold bullion; $2,000 travel and accommodation voucher; and a Book Buyers prize which was another $40,000 gold bullion!

A charitable and giving woman, Regina immediately offered her new home to her niece and her four children to move into.

Regina and her family have been happily living in the home for the past 12 months and love the convenience of the home to local beaches and parks. The family also love the huge oven –“it can fit 6 pizza’s”!

Regina plans to sell the home in next few months and move back to Fiji and live in her family home her father built in the seventies.

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