19 November 2014, By Mater Lotteries

Small town retired couple wins an FPV GT F!

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Retirees, Denise and Vic, have been long-time supporters of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery and their lucky break couldn’t have come at a better time – they won one of only 500 FPV GT Fs built in Australia.

Being a long-term VIP, Denise knew Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No.58 was being drawn on Friday 19 September 2014 and whilst lying in bed that evening she decided to check the winner’s details on the website. When Denise noticed the winner was from Bremer Bay she immediately thought ‘Only about 350 people live here, it would be very unlikely someone else from here was buying tickets and won!’

She was determined to find her tickets and double check – to her amazement, her win was real – she was holding the winning ticket!

The excitement of winning was too much for her partner Vic to contain and he told every person he met! In no time, the whole town knew… Denise and Vic received many useful recommendations – keep it in storage, sell it for a profit – but in the end, they decided to keep the FPV GT F and enjoy it.