12 September 2019, By Mater Lotteries

The choice of a lifetime for Andrew, Cars for Cancer No.87 winner

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When Andrew answered the winning call for Cars for Cancer lottery No. 87, he initially thought it was to purchase another ticket in the lottery.

A gracious and humble winner, Andrew recalls, “I saw a missed call on my phone from the Mater Foundation so I had my wallet at the ready to purchase more tickets”.

It wasn’t until he was in touch with the CEO, telling him he was our major prize winner that it all sank in.

Little did Andrew know at the time, but he had a big choice to make – Mustang or Camaro?

The prize

Cars for Cancer lottery No. 87 offered winner’s a choice:

A legendary Mustang GT Fastback PLUS $112,000 in cash / gold bullion; OR

An exhilarating HSV Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe PLUS $89,797 in cash / gold bullion.

Either way, these high powered V8’s ooze style, class and prestige and boast a total prize value of $186,858.

So, what did he choose? The Mustang of course!

And what does he think of his new car? “If you don’t look back at your car after you park it, you’ve got the wrong car”.

About Andrew

A family man with 2 young children, Andrew works in the mines. He is a keen supporter of the Cars for Cancer lottery, and finds a big place in his heart for any lotteries with cause.

“Any time I buy a ticket, it’s not with the intention to win – that’s just an incentive.  I will always support anything with ‘Cancer’ in the title”.

Straight after receiving the news, Andrew called his wife, who confirmed the details after a quick google search, and joined in on the celebration.

What the win means for Andrew and his family

“This has truly changed our lives”.

With the $112,000 cash, Andrew and his family are now debt free and were able to ceremoniously cut up the credit card and sell their old car. He and his family are now on the look out to put down a deposit on a house.

Not to mention, the Mustang is now Andrew’s new work car, fitted out with 2 baby seats for the little ones!

You could be next

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Go in the draw to change your life, like Andrew!

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