22 August 2017, By Mater Lotteries

The prancing horse and their ridiculously awesome V12s

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A lot of car brands are known for certain qualities; Mercedes has a reputation for efficiency; Lamborghinis have a reputation for wild styling; Ferraris are famous for their brutal V12 power-plants.

Ferrari has been using V12 engines in various models since its inception in 1947 when it created the 125 S with a 1.25L V12 putting out 87kW.

Well, times have changed, and the latest iteration of Ferrari’s flagship—the Ferrari 820 Superfast is a different beast altogether.

The boffins at Ferrari set themselves the goal of outdoing the F12 Berlinetta (an awesome machine in its own right). This started with blowing out the engine displacement from 6.2L to 6.5L.

Consider that the 812 Superfast’s engine is 5.2 times bigger than its first V12!

This larger displacement allowed a vastly larger air intake, resulting in a power output of 588kW. For some more perspective, Holden’s top of the line Commodore only manages 304kW from a 6.2L engine.

The aerodynamics on the 812 Superfast are mind blowing (get it? Mind blowing). A combination of mechanically activated (active mobile aerodynamics) or activated by the pressure of the air itself (passive mobile aerodynamics).

These varying methods of aerodynamic resources provide the 812 Superfast with more downforce, increased stability, decreased fuel consumption, improved brake efficiency, and most importantly, greater speeds.

There is one more mind-blowing fact about the Ferrari 812 Superfast. According to Ferrari Australia CEO Herbert Appleroth, there are too many Aussies that want to get their hands on Ferrari’s new flagship. In fact, there are 1.5 times more orders placed than Ferrari Australia has been allotted for the car’s five-year lifecycle.

Guys, there is literally a shortage of Ferraris. What are we going to do?

Although, with a combined fuel consumption rate of 14.9L/100km, it might end up saving some hopeful customers at the hip pocket in years to come.

Actually, if they can afford a car with a RRP of $610K, they’d just have to settle for a different supercar—poor fellas.

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