28 September 2016, By Mater Lotteries

There were so many signs for our latest Mater Cars for Cancer winner!

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The win for our latest Mater Cars for Cancer winner couldn’t have come at a better time. With a family of seven to look after, this was a dream come true for Clare and her family.

When Clare received the call about her win, she thought it was a joke. The first thing she wanted to do was burst into tears and scream, but she managed to keep it together in front of her daughter.

Life has had its struggles for Clare and her family—running a busy household, managing a part time job and trying to keep on top of everything was enough to try and handle.

The support Clare and her family give each other, and to charity, is important and hits close to home. Clare lost her father-in-law 11 years ago to cancer. Originally supporting Mater Prize Home lottery, Clare thought it would be fitting to support Mater Cars for Cancer as well.

“One of these days I’m going to get that call—that’s why I buy tickets, plus everything just seemed to line up in a row, like it was ‘meant to be’. There have been so many signs, a family member passing away 10 years ago on the same day as the lottery was drawn. My father in-law died when he was 69 and this is lottery number 69. I lost my brother in 1983 and this was one of my ticket numbers. And my sister was born in 1984 which was another ticket number—there were just so many signs,” Clare said.

Clare and her family are so thrilled with their win, as it not only gives them a brand new car, but they will also experience their very first family holiday to the Gold Coast with the $5,000 travel voucher from the $90 book buyers prize.

Like Clare, your support of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery will help fund vital medical research, and give you the chance to win a high performance car of your choice. For your chance to be the next winner, purchase your tickets  in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery today!

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