09 April 2020, By Mater Lotteries

This Supercharged R-SPEC Mustang could be yours – Imagine that!

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The first day of the rest of your life

Picture this. You normally open your garage from the inside, but today is different, it’s the morning after your new Supercharged R-Spec Mustang has been delivered. So, you decide to open your garage from the outside. You stand in front and gently push the button on the remote in anticipation.

Slowly the door begins to rise allowing the morning sun to begin to reveal your new pony! The Herrod Performance Active Cat back exhaust comes into view first, before your eyes widen as the incredible paintwork of this green behemoth begins to present itself.  Your heart starts to race as you focus on the R-Spec black rear badge, just as the black rear spoiler presents itself.

A feeling you’ll remember for a lifetime

As you begin to step around your limited addition Mustang, you start to feel giddy on the inside from the excitement that is unfolding in front of you. You glance at the Ford Performance 19” black wheels with black lug nuts as you move forward, running your hands along the sleek, smooth lines that only this supercharged R-Spec Mustang can deliver…. you can’t believe this is yours!

As your hands reaches the door handle, a gentle squeeze and pull unleashes more adrenalin into your system. The door swings open exposing the Ford Performance scuff plates and the black leather seats that seem to be calling your name.  You slowly slide on in.

You take a moment to compose yourself, take a breath and just sit for a moment.  The new car smell is incredible, you feel like you’ve entered a new space were no human has been before.  The hairs on your arms and the back of your neck stand to attention in readiness.

Drivers….start your engines!

The moment has arrived!  You press down on the clutch as your hand grasps the 6-speed shift knob embossed with the Ford Performance logo and you engage the starter motor.  Within an instant this mechanical giant roars to life!

The 5.0L V8 engine with the Ford Performance Roush 2650 supercharger kit just wants to go. 522 kilowatts of power and 827 Newton-meters of torque are just waiting to be unleashed.  This unbridled Mustang is ready to charge and you’re the one that’s in total control!

This car is so special that Ford and Herrod Performance are only releasing 500 of these beauties.  Every one of them have individually numbered engine block badges and  number 58 could be yours.

This picture could be your reality!

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