19 April 2018, By Mater Lotteries

Three Things We Love about the Tickford Enhanced Mustang GT

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With its striking looks and turbocharged engine, the Tickford Enhanced Mustang GT is the ultimate high-performance vehicle. If you’ve always wanted to cruise around town in a flashy set of wheels, now’s your chance to bring that dream to life!

Valued at $150,034, the Tickford Enhanced Mustang GT is up for grabs in the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 80. To become the proud owner of this V8 beast while making a difference to the lives of people living with cancer, you can purchase your tickets online today.

Wondering what makes the Tickford Enhanced Mustang GT so special? We can tell you which of our favourite features set it apart from the pack.

Tickford Enhanced Engine

The secret to the Mustang’s power can be traced to its Tickford Performance Pack. Designed to take the car’s torque up a notch, this feature provides the V8 engine with its signature get-up-and-go. An official Ford Performance Distributer, Tickford specialises in giving cars more muscle power.

The Tickford Performance Pack sits strapped against the Mustang’s engine, injecting it with an impressive 500kW of power and 739Nm of torque. It not only amplifies the vehicle’s power, but also the growl of its engine (your inner revhead will fall in love with this feature).

Custom Leather Interior

There’s more to the Mustang GT than impressive engine power – it also offers superior comfort and style. The interior is decked out with custom leather fixtures, adding a touch of luxury so you can sit back and relax on long drives.

Unlike fabric car seats, which gather dust and soak up stains, leather seats stay looking fresh for years. Easy to clean and extra cushioning, leather isn’t just stylish – it’s also superior in terms of quality and comfort. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the Mustang’s custom leather interior is also ultra-stylish. Even if you’re just doing the school run or going grocery shopping, this feature will make you feel like an off-duty race car driver.

Custom Body Work

The Mustang’s eye-catching bodywork also rates a mention as one of our favourite features. Built to turn heads, it comes painted in a glossy shade of red with a striking black stripe down the middle. The bodywork seamlessly blends Mustang’s retro origins with sleek contemporary lines, resulting in a distinctive bonnet shape that’s both mean yet stylish. Fitted with long, narrow headlights, hulking front fenders and a jet-black grill, this exterior stands out from the crowd without being too over-the-top.

If you love these features just as much as we do, why not give yourself the chance to get your hands on your very own Mustang GT today? Buy your tickets today and support cancer research. You have to be in it to win it!