13 October 2020, By Mater Lotteries

Why living by the beach is exactly what you need in 2020

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Cure those COVID-19 blues with a Sunshine Coast sea change

2020 has been a tough year. And if the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being happy in our home is imperative. It’s not just the four walls we live in either. The same goes for our neighbourhood. Having a great community and inspiring outdoor lifestyle to balance our home life is the key to being happy and healthy in 2020.

When it comes to warm communities and nature-packed lifestyles, it’s hard to beat living by the beach on the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to our latest Mater Prize Home lottery No. 291, you could win a stunning modern coastal house at Bokarina Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Not only will you love coming home to this million-dollar four-bedroom house every day, but you’ll be moments from the beach and can relish the relaxed lifestyle that comes from living by the ocean.

Here’s why you should make the move to the Sunshine Coast in 2020:

You can finally master a positive work/life balance

No doubt working from home has taught you that it’s important to set boundaries between your work and personal life. While you may need to work to earn a living, life’s too short to live solely for your career. When you have the beach a mere 150 metres from your doorstep, it won’t take long before you’re tipping your work/life balance in favour of living your best life.

Plus, if you were to win this beautiful fully-furnished beachside home package, valued at $1,454,047, you’ll also benefit from the financial relief of not having a home loan!

You’ll inevitably become a morning person

Morning people tend to be more productive, energetic and happy. By night, the sound of waves crashing outside your bedroom window will lull you into a deep sleep; but when you hear those same ocean sounds first thing in the morning, they’re sure to have an energising effect that will have you jumping out of bed and keen to get an early start on your day.

Bokarina Beach may be centrally located between the buzzing coastal towns of Caloundra and Mooloolaba, but this patch of beach is secluded and frequented only by locals. Just a short stroll from our Mater Prize Home, you will quickly learn the appeal of starting the day right with a morning beach walk or refreshing ocean swim.

Coastal interiors are naturally calming

Coastal style is all about easy living. Surrounding yourself in a light and airy interior has a way of instantly lifting your mood and leaving you feeling relaxed. Our bokarina Beach Mater Prize Home has been styled to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere to match its tranquil Sunshine Coast setting. Sandy tones and splashes of serene blue paired with uplifting pops of yellow are the perfect calming palette to come home to every day. While natural textures of rattan, wood and wicker bring an element of the outdoors inside.

Lounge area

It’s good for your physical wellbeing

It’s hard to justify staying indoors when the pull of a sunny day, an afternoon surf or a hike amongst nature is calling your name. All of these (and many more outdoor activities) are right at your fingertips when you live on the Sunshine Coast. You’ll never need a gym membership again!

Besides the endless physical activities you can enjoy by the beach, living close to the ocean can improve your health, too. The iodine, salt and magnesium in sea air has been found to help stimulate the immune system, promote respiratory health and improve allergies, skin problems and asthma symptoms. The mineral salts and vitamins in seawater can also help boost circulation and you’ll never be short on vitamin D while living on the Sunshine Coast.

Your mental health will benefit, too

In these unprecedented COVID-19 times, it’s become more important than ever to look after our mental health. Simply by living near the ocean, you’ll be doing a world of good for your mental wellbeing. We naturally feel calmer by the sea and it’s not just in our heads. Known as “blue mind”, scientists have found that being near, in, on or under water can help lower stress and anxiety and increase overall happiness. Research* has also found that those who live less than 1km from the sea are 22 per cent less likely to have mental health symptoms compared to those living over 50km away.

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*Research conducted by the University of Exeter