Making a difference for over 70 years

Every Mater lottery ticket you purchase helps fund vital resources and expertise across Mater Research, Mater Health and Mater Education—supporting ground-breaking medical research and leading patient care services in our community.

For more than 70 years, Mater Lotteries have been making dreams come true. When you purchase a ticket, not only could you change your life, but you are also making a real difference within your community.​

Thanks to your support, Mater Foundation has provided more than $30.9 million of funding in 2023 alone for projects across Mater. This includes world-leading medical and clinical research to improve patient outcomes, introducing new services, and supporting clinical education.

Did you know?*
  • In 2023, an estimated 165 000 cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia​
  • In 2023, an estimated 51 000 people will die from cancer​
  • In 2023, around 3 of every 10 deaths are estimated to be due to cancer​

Mater Research is among one of the beneficiaries of the funds raised through Mater Lotteries. A recognised leader in medical research, Mater Research is committed to turning scientific discovery into the best possible treatment, care, and outcomes for patients and our broader community.

Because of your support, in 2023, Mater Foundation provided Mater Research with an incredible $12.3 million in funding.

You're changing lives with every ticket

The impact of your support will be felt far and wide not only now, but well into the future. Every Mater Lotteries ticket you buy gives you a chance to change your life, but also change the lives of others.


Have you got your tickets?

With over 70 years of amazing prizes, big winners, and making a difference in your community; know that your Mater Lotteries ticket will take you one step closer to making your dreams come true, while also contributing towards the critical work across Mater Research, Mater Health, and Mater Education.

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