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Trio of Treasures

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Some say that coming second is being the first loser. But in Mater Cars for Cancer’s latest draw, coming second nets you a nifty prize worth over $100k. That’s right, Mater have once again changed things up for lottery No. 103, this time giving entrants the chance of winning first, second or third prizes.

It’s certainly been a journey for the good people at Mater Cars for Cancer. A few years ago, they were rhythmically raffling late-model Aussie muscle cars. Since then, they’ve shifted to sports cars, luxury SUVs, utes, campers, caravans, bikes and boats, continuously altering their prize pools to ensure you guys drive (or float) away in the best gear.

Three chances to win

After several lotteries with a choice of two first prizes, lottery No. 103 offers three different vehicles for first, second and third prize, all brilliant in their own right. You’ll need a ticket to be in with a chance; not only could you win one of a trio of treasures, but your purchase will go towards those working to cure cancer as well as those living with it.

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Hyundai Tucson Elite

Have no fear if your ticket is drawn for third prize, because you’ll drive away in a brand-new Hyundai Tucson Elite. A recent comparison test run by carsales.com.au saw the Tucson finish first out of 11 competitors. With the website proclaiming the Tucson the ‘best mid-size SUV of 2021’, third prize in lottery No. 103 is an outright winner after all.

However, if Mater don’t call you to say you’ve won the Tucson, they may be about to pull out your name for second prize. You’ll need to ensure you’ve got a ticket, so grab one today or you’ll be forever wondering.

Audi A5

You don’t see cars like the Audi A5 Coupé anymore; it seems everybody is driving SUVs. Sure, SUVs are eminently more practical but there’s something decadent about owning a personal coupe. It’s long, low, sleek, and swift. It’s more than a car. It’s a statement.

On the outside, the Audi A5 exudes elegance and poise. Under the bonnet, the graceful German runs a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine with 183kw of power; plenty enough to get enthusiastic when you hit the hills. Fully perusing the specs sheet may find you wondering if this is an insanely unaffordable supercar, but it isn’t, not that it matters, because it could be yours for the price of a ticket.

RAM + Caravan

Few if any of us would complain if an award-winning mid-size SUV or an internationally lauded sports coupe lobbed in our driveways, but this time, Mater Cars for Cancer have saved the best for first. Try a 5.7 litre V8 RAM 1500 Express Crew Cab pickup coupled to a top-of-the-line 17-foot offroad caravan from MDC.

The MDC XT17HRTDB is a tandem axle 17-footer with an ensuite, washing machine, a king-sized bed, foldaway bunk system and no less than two kitchens. Riding on fully independent suspension, it weighs approximately 2775 kilograms, so if you win it, you’ll need something stout to tow it with.

The RAM really needs no introduction; borne of a long line of Dodge pickup trucks, the 1500 Express Crew Cab can seemingly get any job done. The 5.7 litre petrol V8 generates 291kw of urgency, but it’s the 556Nm of back-shoving torque that will be the most help.

The specs of the engine are hefty, interior space can be measured in acreage, the luxury and tech appointments are thoroughly modern and safety features abound to protect you and your family; this is not like the agricultural pickup trucks of old.

With a braked towing capacity of 4500kgs, hauling the van will be effortless. All you’ll need to do is work out a destination. Oh, and the driver chooses the music, so you’ll need to work that out too.

There are $334,201 worth of prizes in Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 103. All it takes is a ticket and a bit of luck. I can’t help you with the luck but grab that ticket while you’re here.

Changing lives with every ticket

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