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5 Articles to Get to Know the HSV GTSR

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The new HSV GTSR in this car lottery has us inspired! So we wanted to learn more about the vehicle and its history.

Our team came across 5 great articles that delve into the different aspects of the car. For any other car enthusiasts out there, we’re sure that you’ll love these too!

1. A Detailed Look into HSV History

Take a step-by-step, photo-by-photo look into the timeline of the HSV range. Reading the performance upgrades and seeing the style change over time almost makes it feel like you’re flicking through old photo albums.

2. The Walkinshaw W557 power in action

OK, this might not be an article, but we have to show you the ridiculous power of the Walkinshaw power pack. Motor Magazine do a great job capturing this in their video review of the system’s performance. Listen to the engine’s commanding roar and hear the experts talk about just how insane this power is to behold.

3. More GTSR Details

If you’re eager to know more about the latest GTSR, check out the specs yourself. From the key interior features to its entertainment system, there’s a truckload of incredible features packed into this supercar. Just keep in mind that these specs don’t account for the monstrous Walkinshaw upgrade.

We’re also aware this is not an article. But the rest are – we promise.

4. Supercars Then and Now

The prize car from Mater Cars for Cancer is retro-fit to honour the supercar lion tamed by Craig Lowndes in his full-time debut. But what did supercar racing look like back then? Take a look back 20 years to see just how much Australian racing has (and hasn’t) changed.

5. Craig Lowndes’ Next Step

As we looked into the past of the HSV range, we wondered what was next for Craig Lowndes. He may have announced retirement from full-time racing, but there’s still a tarmac horizon for this legend. From TV to challenging tracks around the world, take a look at what’s next for Craig Lowndes.
Mater Cars for Cancer also has a strong future ahead. Headlining prize cars we love, we’re geared towards fundraising for cancer research to better the lives of everyone affected by it. So, if you’d like to support the cause and get to know the Retro-fit HSV GTSR in person, you can purchase a ticket and go into the draw to win a car today!

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