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5 Must-Read Articles for Mustang Fans Who Love to Win

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With the Cars for Cancer Lottery offering the remarkable Tickford Enhanced Mustang GT this draw, we’re getting excited about it. Below are 5 articles the Mustang fans at Mater Cars for Cancer enjoyed and would recommend to other enthusiasts.

1. The Mustang Name

Usually the answer to a car name’s origin comes straight from the horse’s mouth. But with the Mustang, the horse isn’t completely sure.

It could be a stallion galloping on the roads, or it might be a P-51 fighter flying through the streets.

Ford has written their own article on the Ford Mustang name. See what they have to say about it and form your own thoughts.

2. Driving Across the Pacific Ocean

The Ford Mustang didn’t drive smoothly onto Australian streets. It was so highly demanded that, when it first went on sale, the Ford Factory in Michigan had to rev up its production.

But why has this particular muscle car become so successful in Australia? Find out here why it took 50 years for the Ford Mustang to become an overnight success in Australia.

3. Test Your Mustang Knowledge

If you’re a fan of the Ford Mustang, you’re surely well-versed in its trivia. So why not test your own knowledge? Mental Floss has an interesting article of 10 things you might not know about the Ford Mustang to get your motor mind running.

4. The Future of the Ford Mustang

With Tesla and other car companies making their electric mark on the roads of the future, what’s in store for Ford Mustang’s V8 engine? The answer seems to lie in hybrid engine technology – and this future for Ford is closer than you may think.

The Greater Vancouver Mustang Association do a nice job of introducing the 2020 Hybrid 2020 Mustang.

5. Win a Car You Know

Mater Cars for Cancer has prided itself on our exclusive win a car competitions. And we’re thrilled with the latest prize on offer. Get to know the ultimate muscle car better thanks to the performance car lovers at MOTOR with their 2017 Tickford Ford Mustang GT review.

Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

If you’d like to own a Ford Mustang and experience its ultimate power for yourself, there’s still time to enter Mater Cars for Cancer’s win a car lottery!  Find out more about the beautiful beast and how you can secure your tickets here. Don’t miss out, tickets are selling fast for this lottery!

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