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5 steps for stress-free living

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As the cost of living, environmental degradation, global conflict, and a never-ending pandemic surge onwards and upwards, stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. But what to do? How about incorporating these five steps into a stress-busting action plan guaranteed to change your life…

Ditch the mortgage

Another interest rate increase?! As the numbers tick up and up, mortgage repayments are becoming a source of constant stress for many Australians. While the domestic housing market has dipped slightly since its peak in early 2022, prices are still holding over and above those pre COVID. Many homeowners are choosing to lose the hefty properties and price tags, and opt for smaller, more affordable accommodations.

Or better still, why not take the change in your pocket and use it to win a mortgage-free dream home on the water? That’s what awaits one lucky supporter in Mater Prize Home’s Guaranteed Life Changer draw. What if $2 was all it took to win a beautiful, fully furnished home on the Gold Coast, and the stress-free life that comes with it?

Reduce your bills

Groceries, petrol, utilities… financial insecurity around daily cost of living expenses is becoming widespread across many Australian demographics—but there are solutions. Reducing your fuel spend is quick and easy if you switch to a more economic hybrid, or better still fully electric vehicle. Install some solar panels at home—there are government programs and rebates in place to make this attainable—and you’ll not only charge up your car for less but smash your home electricity bills too!

Or, if you’d rather not go to all that effort, simply buy tickets in Mater Prize Home’s current draw and win both a fuel saving Tesla Model 3 with home charger and fully installed solar panels on the prize home roof! Easy.

Spend time in nature

Nothing is more grounding or naturally stress-reducing than spending time in nature. A walk in the woods, a swim in the ocean, a hike in the mountains—study after study has reported on the mental and physiological benefits of nature immersion, including stimulation of the sensory and parasympathetic nervous systems, which ultimately lead to greater relaxation.

While of course any time spent in nature is time well spent, some pursuits are admittedly more enjoyable than others. For example, how about spending every weekend on the glorious Gold Coast waterways in your very own Sea Ray 250 SLX boat, with two jet skis and two e-foil surfboards in tow… sounds like a guaranteed stress buster to us! All you need to do is enter the Guaranteed Life Changer draw and it could be you!

Create a financial buffer

With all those expense reductions you’re making, now’s the time to start building a personal reserve fund, especially set aside for those bigger picture or out-of-left-field financial needs and emergencies. Where possible, around 20% of your income is a good place to start when it comes to savings, or, for just $2, you could simply become an instant millionaire!

The Guaranteed Life Changer winner will walk away with a huge $1 million in cashable gold bullion ensuring they never have to worry about money again. Talk about stress relief!

Help those in need

Finally, nothing makes you appreciate what you have more than lending a hand to someone less fortunate—and in this life, there is no greater gift than good health. The funds raised by the Mater Prize Home lottery directly support the vital research and exceptional patient care at Mater, which offers patients hope and healing when they need it most. And that is the most gratitude-inspiring, stress-relieving win of all!

Buy your tickets in the Mater Prize Home Guaranteed Life Changer draw today!

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