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6 Essential Upgrades for your dream Off-Road Rig

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It’s wild, it’s rugged and it’s not for the faint of heart (or vehicle!). Off-road driving requires a rig that can handle all the varied terrain the diverse Australian landscape presents. While most 4WDs come with many of the required features as standard, there are additional modifications that can enhance performance and make your vehicle even more adept at handling changing conditions. Read on to discover the best upgrades you can treat your pride and joy to.

Carupgrades Img2Lift Kits

One of the most common upgrades made to off-road vehicles, lift kits increase the height of your vehicle allowing for better clearance over obstacles like rocks, logs, and water. It also provides more space for larger tyres which can improve traction and stability. It’s important to note too much lift can negatively affect a vehicle’s centre of gravity and handling, so always get expert advice before actioning this upgrade.

Carupgrades Img3Off-Road Tyres

The tyres on your 4WD play a crucial role in off-roading. Off-road tyres have deeper treads, larger lugs, and thicker sidewalls than standard tyres, providing better grip and protection against punctures. They are designed to handle mud, sand, and other loose surfaces, as well as rocky and uneven terrain. It’s essential to choose the right type of tyre for your intended use, as different tyres will perform better in different conditions.

Carupgrades Img4Winches

Handy for pulling your vehicle (and others) out of difficult and potentially dangerous situations, a winch addition is essential for all hardcore off-roaders. Typically mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle and operated by remote control, it’s critical to ensure your chosen winch has the capacity to handle the weight of your rig.1

Carupgrades Img5Skid Plates

Off-road driving often involves navigating obstacles like rocks and tree stumps, which can damage the vehicle’s undercarriage. Skid plates are designed to protect the vulnerable components of your 4WD from impact and abrasion. They are typically made of heavy-duty steel or aluminium bolted to the underside of the vehicle.

Carupgrades Img6Differential Lockers

Allowing both wheels on an axel to spin at the same speed, differential lockers provide better traction in challenging terrain by allowing one wheel to propel the vehicle when the other has lost traction. This is particularly useful when slip n’ sliding on loose surfaces like sand or mud.

Carupgrades Img7Suspension Upgrades

A 4WD’s suspension system is responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle and providing a comfortable ride while maintaining traction on uneven terrain. Suspension upgrades like heady duty shocks and springs can improve the vehicle’s handling and stability while preventing damage from rough terrain impact.

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