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6 Reasons To Go Off-Grid

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In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, an ever-growing number of people are choosing to live (or at least venture) off-grid for a variety of compelling reasons. Here we take a look at some of the main drivers for this alternative lifestyle and travel choice, and ask the question… are you up to the off-grid challenge?

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One of the big ones. By disconnecting from traditional utilities, off-grid homes are often powered by renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or hydro. Off-grid living also typically involves using composting toilets, recycling and reusing resources, and reducing overall waste. This kind of lifestyle helps reduce carbon emissions, preserve natural resources, and create less environmental impact. Eco points all round!

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Proximity to Nature

Living off-grid provides a unique opportunity to be closer to nature. Without the distractions of modern technology and city life, people have the time and wherewithal the connect more deeply with the natural world. This can look like everything from hiking and exploring local forests and waterways to gardening and growing your own food. Time spent in nature has been proven to boost mental health, so get out there and enjoy!

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Health Benefits

The physical activity required to sustain an off-grid lifestyle is significantly greater than that of a traditional metro existence. There is no click and collect in nature! Chopping wood for heat, gardening to support food growth, household maintenance—there is a constant stream of activity required to maintain the quality of your off-grid life. In addition to this functional exercise, less exposure to chemicals and toxins also adds to the health credentials of this alternative lifestyle.

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Financial Benefits

While the set-up costs associated with off-gridding can be significant—for example installing solar panels or wind turbines—long-term savings can be huge! Without the need to pay for traditional utilities like electricity and gas, as well as food, petrol and the like, off-grid homeowners are generally far less affected by fluctuating costs-of-living… something we all know a little too much about at present!

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Digital Detox

In this day and age, for many of us barely an hour passes by without the need to connect digitally for work, home or social requirements. Living off-grid can remove many of the reasons for pursuing excessive digital connection in favour of a more mindful, conscious way of life. Without the constant distraction of messages, email, social media, and broader technologies, people can better focus on the present and forge a deeper connection with themselves, those around them, and their environment.

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Sense of Accomplishment

Being solely reliant on yourself to meet all your needs can create a strong sense of self and accomplishment. Taking control of your own life and not being reliant of external systems can be incredibly challenging, but also equally rewarding!

Off-grid living is by no means easy, but there are a range of benefits for those up to the task. Not sure if you could commit? Why not start with some off-grid travel to test the waters? The lucky winner of the current Mater Cars for Cancer lottery will have the opportunity to test their mettle when they win the incredible $300K first prize that includes a customised Toyota LandCruiser GR Sport, two Moustache E-bikes, and—the off-gridders secret weapon—a Patriot Camper X3 live-in trailer, packing in everything you need to get out there… and stay out there! So what are you waiting for… buy your tickets to off-grid freedom TODAY!

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