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A message from Mater Prize Home winner lottery No. 273

273 Winner Lop Big

Mater Prize Home winner lottery No. 273

“When we won the Mater Prize Home, we checked all the social media pages to remind us that we didn’t really dream up that life changing phone call. It took everything in us not to “like” every congratulatory post under the announcement. The main reason I wanted to write this was because we saw so many people who were disheartened and doing it tough & wished it was them, but still took the time to wish us well.”

“I wanted you to know that the day before we got the call, I sat in my car on the verge of tears. Because I was just so tired from a week of very little sleep with our 2 children with special needs. Tired from 8 years of struggling financially with the constant rising cost of medical and therapy bills and what seemed like an impossible dream of home ownership. Just tired.”

“I sat in that car and uttered a very silent “Please” to the universe before the traffic light changed, internally hoping for just one easy day that week.”

The life changing phone call

“When that call came and the shock settled, I kept thinking back to that moment of surrender in that car and the immense gratitude and shock we now feel that somehow the universe saw us. We who never win anything, we who never seem to catch a break. I really just wanted you to know that we have been you and are you, and that somehow a 10 minute conversation at a mall kiosk about helping sick babies and $30 a month have now significantly changed the trajectory of our lives in the most positive of ways.”

“Mum your boat is finally here!”

“I like to tell my kids ‘You can’t miss your boat. It’s yours. It stays docked till you’re ready. The only boat you can miss is someone else’s’. When I told our 12 year old we’d won, he whispered excitedly ‘Mum your boat is finally here!‘”

“I hope this little message serves as a reminder to never stop hoping and dreaming. We’re sending all our well wishes into the universe that your boats come sailing in as ours has.”

“Thank you all for your congratulatory messages even though you did not know us. We are forever grateful for the wonderful positive vibes you sent our way.”

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