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A Mighty RAM with a Brilliant Van

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First Prize of 3 Chances to Win

First prize in Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 103 is big, bold and burly; a mighty RAM 1500 Express pickup truck coupled to an MDC 17-foot caravan. Winning will almost instantly solve any issues you have around carrying stuff or deciding how to holiday. But as always, you need to give yourself a chance by buying a ticket or two.

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Perusing the brochures and paraphernalia promoting Draw 103, you’ll notice that this time around, Mater Cars for Cancer is giving away a first, second and third prize. Few would complain if a brand-new Hyundai Tucson or Audi A5 Coupé appeared in their driveway, but looking over the paperwork, there’s little doubt which package forms the outright grand prize.

The RAM 1500 Express V8 HEMI Crew Cab is a commanding chunk of Detroit steel. Boasting a lineage unbroken back to the earliest pickups by Dodge Brothers, a century of development has delivered us not only an imposing and practical rig, but one brimming with technology.

Recent years have seen the American truck shed its long-held image as a robust, practical but ultimately blunt object. The fifth-generation, DT-series RAM continues to push that, packing modern-but-proven tech into every aspect of the vehicle. The drivetrain and infotainment both pack plenty, as does the most important area, the safety systems. A ‘family truckster’ in almost a literal sense, safety is paramount, but even the safest vehicle on the planet can’t protect us from the Big C. Buying a ticket, winning or not, will go towards helping people living with cancer and those working to cure it.

Naturally, the RAM 1500 Express is filled with airbags, but they’re only for when things get really upside down. Advanced traction control, stability control, electronic brakeforce distribution and, crucially as Draw 103’s first prize, trailer sway control systems work in unison to prevent something like that from happening at all.

RAM 1500

When you hit the highway, there’s cruise control and when you’ve got to park, there’s a reversing camera and parking sensors. Wherever you are, all the information is at hand via a configurable, 7-inch, six-gauge display of vital statistics, plus a centrally mounted, 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen for all the fun stuff.

As crucial as the safety and comfort aspects are in any car, you can’t discuss traditional American machinery without mentioning the powerplant. The 5.7 litre HEMI V8 is Euro 5-compliant and uses variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation technology to keep a lid on the thirst. But when the foot goes down, the big Mopar is let off the chain, unleashing 291kw of power and 556Nm of torque. These are big numbers and they’ll be needed, because if you win Mater Cars for Cancer Draw 103, you’ll also have a big caravan behind you. However, before you start planning that holiday destination, make sure you’re in the draw by purchasing a ticket.

MDC Caravan

Market Direct Campers (MDC) have come a long way since founder Vaughan Hindley built his first camper trailer back in 2007. They now offer a comprehensive range of off-road campers and caravans, operate showroom/service facilities in all mainland states, yet remain a family-owned business. They also live the lifestyle, regularly taking their own wares on gruelling adventures to not only test and tune but share their enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Sitting atop MDC’s range of off-roading RVs is the double-bunk XT17, a 17-foot family caravan with every conceivable bell and whistle to ensure a great stay wherever the RAM takes you. The standard PROJECTA power system means your stays aren’t limited to caravan parks, allowing you to head off-grid, and the family are coming too, as the XT17 sleeps four in comfort.

MDC Interior

Sleeping four people is one thing, but how about keeping them clean? The XT17 not only has a built-in toilet and shower, but also an external shower tent just in case the kids need to be hosed off before they’re allowed inside the high-class cabin. In fact, the MDC XT17 is so comprehensively appointed, it compliments its internal kitchen with a second, external kitchen that slides out from the side of the van for those outdoor cook ups.

One of these vans will provide almost endless adventure and memories; certainly MDC think so, confidently offering a lifetime structural guarantee on their galvanised chassis. Winning the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 103 and plonking an MDC XT17 in the driveway will provide you with a robust and modern hub for your adventures away from home. And don’t forget, you’ll also have a RAM 1500 Express to get you there.

For the chance to win this amazing bundle, buy a ticket in Mater Cars for Cancer Draw 103. Your ticket purchase will be put to good use; after all, cancer affects most of us at some stage, so even if your ticket doesn’t win you a Ram and a van, you’re still helping out. But keep those fingers crossed for second or third, because those prizes are corkers as well.

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