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A powerful Walkinshaw Performance

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By entering our latest lottery, you could be the ecstatic winner of a HSV Senator Signature enhanced by Walkinshaw Performance (W507 series). With its sleek form and luxurious accents, this car is one head-turner. However, under that pretty face lies a mammoth power plant – an engine enhanced by Walkinshaw Performance. This is the burning heart of a super beast!

What’s special about Walkinshaw Performance?

Walkinshaw Performance is a company that produces the very best in after-market performance enhancements. It can completely transform a vehicle already on the market by adding specially designed parts to its engine. Walkinshaw Performance prides itself on creating supreme performance vehicles.

There are a wide range of add-on engine enhancements available but all of them revolve around efficiency – the more efficiently fuel is burned, the more power the engine makes, and the less fuel is consumed during normal driving conditions. Effectively, this gives you both power and economy, a great combination.

For the Senator Signature in our lottery, Walkinshaw Performance enhancements have ramped up the power from 430kW to a whopping 507kW, while torque has been hiked from 110Nm to a hefty 850Nm!

From the racetrack to the road

Walkinshaw Performance was founded by former racing driver, Tom Walkinshaw, and is essentially a successor organisation to his famous previous automotive entity, Tom Walkinshaw Racing. The company maintains its high standards from its motorsport heritage and conducts after-market modifications with the same rigorous evaluation, planning, preparation and excellence.

There are a numerous after-market tuning groups eager to work their magic on rear-drive machines. But there are few who have the pedigree of Walkinshaw Performance products.

Which modifications achieve the best performance?

The best engine enhancements are the ones that work hand in hand with the vehicle and an individual’s particular driving requirements. Every component in the Walkinshaw Performance range is designed to work alone or as part of a larger package. This means you can start with a simple modification to the engine and then expand on it as your needs change.

More than a year in the making, the W507 package that comes with our Senator Signature includes a number of high-performance components:

► Walkinshaw Performance Pulley Upgrade Kit

► Walkinshaw Performance Ceramic Coated Headers

► Walkinshaw Performance Dual Active Cat Back Exhaust

► Walkinshaw Performance Cold Air Intake

► Walkinshaw Performance ECU Calibration

► W507 Badging

► W-Series Certificate of Authenticity

►  Walkinshaw Performance Drive Line Warranty

Walkinshaw Performance general manager Tony Harris has described the W507 kit as “the best engineered package we have ever produced. It feels incredibly powerful, even more than the 507kW indicated, and that is due to how each component in the package has been designed to complement each other.”

The results are “seismic”!

Spinach is to Popeye as the W507 package is to the HSV! Despite Holden producing some of Australia’s most powerful cars, hundreds of customers still invest over $8,000 to boost their kWs.

And the W507 certainly packs a punch! It’s been described by Motoring.com.au as “loud, almost brutal” and “seismic”. Despite the massive power, the W507 kit is easy to drive – something that can’t be said for some high-output sports cars. Nor is cooling an issue, even in traffic on a hot day.

Time is running out to win!

Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 74 will be closing soon and with it your chance to win the powerful and luxurious beast that is the HSV Senator Signature enhanced by Walkinshaw Performance. Don’t miss out on a chance to own one. Buy your ticket today!

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