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A terrace for all eras

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Mater Prize Home lottery No. 269 is giving one lucky supporter the chance to win a Sydney apartment in the trendy inner-city western suburb of Glebe. The apartment is a modern take on the traditional terraced houses.

Terraced homes introduced to Australia

The 19th century saw terraced houses introduced to Australia, and most were found built in inner-city suburbs, mainly in Sydney and Melbourne.

These beautiful homes, built between 1850 and 1890 due to the gold rush population boom, were inspired by those in London and Paris a century earlier. Constructed mostly of brick in Melbourne and sandstone in Sydney and using ornate cast iron on balconies and veranda’s, it’s hard to believe these historical and sought-after homes of today became a distasteful eyesore in the early 1900s. People viewed the homes as substandard, improperly built and inadequately serviced. They were considered the slums and urban projects saw a lot of these incredible homes destroyed and removed to make way for high rise buildings.

Terraced homes ranged from single-storey dwellings and reached heights of up to five-storeys.

Terraced homes in demand

However a revival started a few decades ago and many have been restored to their original glory; with price tags as high as $2 million +.

With the supply of terraced homes not being able to keep up with demand, it’s no surprise developers are creating new-builds as a modern take on the historical properties.

Not only is the architecture sought-after, it is also the lifestyle accustomed with a terraced home. These properties are low-maintenance; with no large gardens to look after and the convenience of a spacious yet manageable sized property means you won’t spend all weekend cleaning. It’s also the community spirit that often comes with terraced homes that drives people to seek this lifestyle. These homes are large enough to maintain your privacy however being attached means you have the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

Old vs new

The problem with an old terraced home means it comes with old fixtures, fittings, plumbing and electrics. They can be very costly to renovate and restore and quite often it is more affordable to buy new. Another compelling reason to move into a modern-built terraced home is the opportunity to take the indoors outside. Most modern terraced homes, including the current Mater Prize Home, offer spacious indoor-outdoor living plans creating the freedom to enjoy the Australian climate at its best from the comfort of your home. A lot also come with the convenience of a garage too.

Why live in a terraced home?

Owning a terraced home is something most people would dream about; particularly in Sydney, one of the most liveable cities in the world and where the property market is extremely competitive. Terraced home living offers a lifestyle suitable to both singles and families. These properties, being larger than a unit and smaller than a house, provide the perfect space to accommodate a range of needs.

Win your very own terraced house in Glebe

Some of Australia’s oldest terraced homes are in Sydney and you will find a number in Glebe.

For your chance to win a house and be part of the historical suburb of Glebe, purchase your tickets in the latest Mater Prize Home lottery No. 269 today.

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