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Access the Serenity via Land or Sea

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Win a Jayco Caravan or Bar Crusher Boat + a Ford Ranger to Tow It With.

The options keep rolling in from Mater Cars for Cancer, with their latest lottery prize pool offering the choice of a Jayco caravan or a Bar Crusher recreational sports boat. All it takes is a ticket to win it and whether you choose to cruise via land or sea, Mater will include a 4×4 Ford Ranger FX4 MAX; perfect for towing and perfect when you’re not …

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When Darryl Kerrigan asked, “How’s the serenity?” all those years ago, the words echoed a lot further than Bonnie Doon. It’s to be found everywhere throughout this wide country, in the outback, in the mountains, on the beaches and in the water. You just need to seek it, find it and revel in the untapped tranquillity you discover, wherever it may be.

Of course, getting there is half the fun, or at least it should be. Ford’s popular Ranger ute offers plenty of variants to take on every task, so Mater Cars for Cancer have selected the Ranger FX4 MAX. The reason; getting away from the ‘burbs is easy enough but getting away from the road can have its challenges. Fortunately, the Ranger FX4 MAX is chocked full of the gear you’d have to add to a regular ute before facing that challenge.

Seeking relaxation should never be stressful, so getting stranded before you even get there must be avoided. First up, the Ranger FX4 MAX has retuned suspension, with Advance FOX shocks placing a priority on off-road agility without sacrificing on-road comfort you need every day. The everyday commute is sorted, yet the FX4 MAX soaks up the lumpiest of bumps, the combination increasing ride height and improving the ramp breakover angle. This is one ute that won’t bottom-out, whether that’s in the car park or national park.


Off road suspension is nothing without some robust and grippy tyres, so the Ranger FX4 MAX is fitted with a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain boots as standard. With an aggressive tread pattern and tougher sidewalls, they’re wrapped around new design, 17inch alloy wheels that boost track width by 26mm, increasing stability and safety both on-road and off.

The Ranger FX4 MAX runs Ford’s latest 2.0 EcoBlue twin scroll, twin turbo four-cylinder diesel tuned for an impressive 150kw and mighty 500Nm of torque. That’s a handy thing to have, because the tub will take 981kgs fully loaded and the truck can haul 3500kgs on the factory towbar. Making a decision as to what to tow behind it may be hard, if you buy a ticket and put yourself in the draw to win.

If the quiet solitude of a remote, free-camping area in the great outdoors is what you seek, the Jayco Outback Expanda off-road caravan is yours. Fully insulated, packed with storage areas and able to sleep four adults and two kids, it’s your ticket to tranquillity. The Jayco Outback Expanda is a robust unit and not shy on size, but with Tow Secure emergency braking and Sway Command Tow Control, coupled with the Ranger’s own trailer sway control, heading towards the hills has never been safer.

Jayco all terrain

Others like the water. Floating on a placid bay with friends, family and an esky full of mulloway for dinner, appetites ravenous from a day of water sports, might be your idea of heaven. If that’s the case, your decision is easy; it’s the Bar Crusher 615BR recreational sports boat.

Running a powerful, 130hp Yamaha four stroke outboard, the Bar Crusher fits up to six people for a day out on the briny sea or the rushing river, whatever, uh, floats your boat. Including a trailer, radio gear, GPS and safety equipment, the winning ticket could have you throwing bait and landing snapper before breakfast, then kneeboarding until lunch, but you’ve got to land that winning ticket first.

Bar Crusher

It’s safe to say there’s an aspect of this prize that appeals to the most of us. It’s hard to go abroad at the moment, so this prize pool gives you the option of holidaying in your own backyard, or as far from it as possible. Couple this with up to $100,000 in cashable gold bullion and you’ve got the next 12 months sorted!

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