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Allan Moffat’s Mustang: Reborn

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Every Mustang is engineered for high performance. But very few drivers have been able to push them to their absolute limits. At the top of that list would be the legendary Allan Moffat – with his Coca-Cola-red 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302.

Now, along with Ford Mustang and Tickford Trans-Am, Moffat has brought the spirit of that car back to the roads. The Tickford Trans-Am Mustang has been designed to honour the 50-year-old Mustang with some beefed-up specs.

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Need a reminder who Allan Moffat is? Join us as we delve into this famous driver’s history.

Who is Allan Moffat?

Canadian-born Allan Moffat moved to Australia just before turning 18. As a young adult, he started racing, and his tyres left a permanent mark on the racing industry. Entering races across the world, Moffat conquered all types of racetracks in tournaments, including:

  • Australian Touring Car Championships (ATCC)
  • Bathurst 500/1000
  • Sandown 500
  • 24 hours of Daytona
  • 12 Hours of Sebring

But he didn’t just drive, he drove spectacularly – like during Bathurst 1977 when he managed to race the last 12 laps without brakes, still bringing home gold. Moffat is now celebrated in the V8 Supercars Hall of Fame and the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

He drove race cars for a range of companies – from Holden Commodores to Mazda RX7s. But some of the best wins of his career were when he was in the seat of a very particular car: the 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Trans-Am.

A Match Made in Mustang Heaven

In 1969, Allan Moffat tamed a new breed of Mustang. In its debut race at Sandown raceway in mid-1969, the 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Trans-Am took to the starting line with Moffat on the accelerator. Making the most of its raw-power engine, Moffat won the race with ease – which was the first win for that model pony.

And the winning with that Mustang never stopped. Out of 151 race starts (from 1969 to 1972), Moffat won 101 championships and non-championships. With his expert team’s support, Allan Moffat’s race car commanded every racetrack it drove on, inciting dozens of rivalries between the best of the best. It also made the red Mustang famous in Aussie motorsport.

We’re proud to offer the 2020 version of Allan Moffat’s Mustang in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery. While it’s been redesigned for the future of driving performance, it retains the classic charm its predecessor was renowned for. And who can say ‘no’ to a red race car?

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Only 100 limited-edition Tickford Trans-Am Mustangs have been let out into the wild to honour Allan Moffat’s legendary career. Purchase your tickets today and you could be driving an Australian motorsport icon, designed by and for Moffat himself. First prize includes dealer delivery, registration and CTP, Luxury Car Tax and Stamp Duty. It also comes with $90,000 cash/gold bullion*

*Cash (up to the maximum value permitted by legislation under the laws of the State that the winner resides in); and gold bullion for any remaining balance.

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