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Angela's Story

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When Angela’s partner Paul proposed on her 42nd birthday, life was good for their whole family.  They could never have predicted that ovarian cancer would be the catalyst for setting a wedding date. 

Angela and Paul

Angela’s stomach had swollen quite suddenly during a camping trip, but a bout of COVID for the family soon followed before she could finally get to the doctor. 

An ultrasound soon revealed a 16-centimetre mass on one of her ovaries and Angela was told the devastating news that she had ovarian cancer. 

As she lay prepped and ready for surgery just a few weeks later, nothing went to plan. After several hours of testing, her surgery was eventually cancelled as her sodium levels had dropped so low, she could have died on the table.   

“That was probably one of the hardest days because I didn't have Paul there to calm me down—you’re sort of just lying on the table, looking at the roof, looking at the lights, having doctors, nurses coming in and out and you’re just waiting. 

“And you think a lot in that time,” Angela remembers. 

It took four days in a hospital ward before her sodium levels were high enough to start the process again. 

Incredibly, Angela was well enough to walk down the aisle unaided just three weeks after surgery, wearing a dress she’d picked up on the way just the day before. 

Angela and Paul on their wedding day

There was no chance of a honeymoon—12 weeks of gruelling chemotherapy began just days later, with her new husband Paul by her side every step of the way. 

More than a year after her final round however, Angela’s scans are all clear, and the pair are looking forward to the next chapter of married life, free of cancer!! 

By purchasing Cars for Cancer tickets, you are helping to fuel vital cancer research, giving patients like Angela the hope of a brighter future. Thank you.

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