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Baby Moira’s Story

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Babies born at 23 weeks and 3 days are at the outer most limits of life. Moira is one of those babies. She was born weighing 546 grams, the smallest baby born at Mater last year.

Following a challenging pregnancy due to her own medical history, mum Ashlee’s waters broke 17 weeks early, and her labour began. As you can imagine this was an incredibly stressful and difficult time for Ashlee.

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After Moira was born, she was taken straight to Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit, where she stayed for the next 124 days under the care of her medical team. This was a difficult time for Ashlee and her family as Moira experienced medical complications from her premature birth.

For months, Moira fought hard for her life and finally after twelve weeks in critical care, she took her very first unassisted breath.

Moira’s journey continues but she is home with her family now and she is thriving. Hear more from Ashlee about their journey.

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