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Bamboo: the new luxury must-have

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Luxury is what we do best at Mater Prize Home and there is an emerging luxury hitting the market that has got people talking. Bamboo.

Bamboo—one of the fastest growing plants in the world. If you’ve ever had bamboo in your garden, you will know how quickly this plant grows. You may have even experienced it taking over your yard.

If bamboo in your garden isn’t for you, don’t give up on this plant just yet! Bring the bamboo indoors—in the form of textiles. From linen to towels to clothing, bamboo is quickly becoming a popular textile bringing a touch of luxury into everyone’s homes.

How do they make textiles from bamboo?

Bamboo fibre is a cellulose fibre—meaning it is extracted from the bark, wood or leaves (also known as pulp), of bamboo plants. More often, a synthetic viscose (commonly known as rayon) is made from bamboo cellulose.

So is it really made of bamboo?

Technically yes. Although manufacturing processes can alter the physical form of the fibre and purify the cellulose, the end product remains essentially the same as the raw material/bamboo.

Most bamboo products are essentially rayon.  However rayon is made from wood pulp, which means when manufacturers use bamboo fibre instead of wood, the textile technically becomes ‘made from bamboo’.

Bamboo is touted as an eco-friendly product

Bamboo pulp is said to have more environmental advantages than wood pulp and cotton. Bamboo is hardy, can be grown in regions that are not suitable for forestry, it can be grown in diverse climates and grows at very fast rates (a plant in Japan recorded growth of 1 metre a day). Although the chemical waste associated with producing the bamboo textiles is the same as wood based textiles, a closed-loop process when using bamboo captures all solvents. Bamboo uses less water, slows deforestation as it’s an alternative source of timber, minimises carbon dioxide and its fibre is biodegradable. Bamboo is a sustainable and versatile resource.

But why would you use bamboo linen?

Bamboo is incredibly soft. Once you try bamboo sheets, you are unlikely to go back. Bamboo sheets are quite often softer than any high thread count cotton sheets; as well as being more durable.

Bamboo fabric is resilient and lightweight, it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, has excellent moisture absorption and did we mention incredibly soft!

Bamboo fabric is what luxury feels like. Soft to touch and attractive to the eye, you can’t go wrong replacing your old linen with new items made from bamboo.

A range of bamboo made products are readily available and at your fingertips. Whether you choose to go along to your local shopping centre and home wares stores, or go online, you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for.

If climbing into a luxurious bed made of super soft sheets and pillow cases sounds like heaven to you, you need to try bamboo!

Did you say clothes?

Yes! You can also purchase almost every item of clothing imaginable—all made from bamboo. From socks and underwear, to dresses and skirts, shirts and pants. Whether its work wear, casual wear or active wear, there is a bamboo made range waiting to be worn.

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