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Behind the Design of the Latest Prize Home

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Win a home – A Bribie Island Paradise

In Bribie Island, a stunning home stands by the water, just waiting for someone to move in. Commanding space inside and outside with outdoor pavilions, luxury bedrooms and entertainment areas inside, the design is superb.

In this prize home lottery, you won’t just win a home – you’ll win a million-dollar lifestyle in a resort-like suburb. But how did this beautiful home come to be? Well, it started with some coastal inspiration.

The Inspiration

When the house was in its design phase, the description in the brief was labelled: ‘Relaxed Modern Coastal’. And it has certainly become exactly that.

We wanted to learn more about the home and its design, so we talked to the interior designer, Brett Rundle, from Brett Rundle Design. He shared with us his final thoughts about the home.

Brett: “The home’s light-filled spaces and finishes dictated to me a calm and relaxing fitout. The natural linens, timbers, greenery and blue accents made this a home many could imagine living in.”

The modern palette and open design could certainly accommodate any person’s style – and the size of their family.

Favourite Feature

With a pool, spa, theatre and many inviting outdoor spaces, it’s hard to pick favourite areas. But we asked Brett the difficult question anyway.

“The vast lounge/dining/pool area would be my Zen space! The sunsets from here are a sight to be seen.”

A close second, for Brett, is the Theatre room – perfect for a movie night with friends.


With abundant space inside and out, this prize home is perfect for every kind of socialising. You could host a BBQ in the outdoor area, an intimate dinner in the dining room or, like Brett would do, invite friends over for a movie night.

Favourite Item

Winning the home means getting all the furnishings and items inside, too. We asked Brett what his favourite item in the prize home is.

“That would have to be the amazing Dining Table – a striking item that will surely be a conversation piece in the home.”

Inspired by the Molave tree, this dining table reaches out with its own hardwood branches and holds up a round, glass tabletop – and is only one of three in Australia! It looks remarkable and gives the whole space rich character.


Beyond the Prize Home

At the root of every home lottery draw is the cause to raise funds for medical research. Just like the strength and spirit of the Molave tree, Mater’s cancer fundraising is standing up against the disease, while standing with those who are affected.

The Impact of Ovarian Cancer

Around 1,500 hundred women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year in Australia. And 1,000 of these women’s lives will eventually be taken by the disease. The difficulty with ovarian cancer is the mystery behind it. Sometimes there are no signs, and the symptoms can be too vague to easily detect.

It took Katherine Brown, a 22-year-old who has just recovered from ovarian cancer, a long time to work out that she had it. And then, once she was finally diagnosed, the treatment of intensive chemotherapy took her away from work and put her whole life on pause.

“I thought ovarian cancer was something that young people would never get,” Katherine says, “I wondered why me?”

Ovarian cancer doesn’t discriminate with age, and it’s the cause of too much pain. At Mater, we’re creating a future where personalised treatments are prevalent and mortality rates are reduced.

Katherine: “The treatment was difficult and made me feel quite sick. If there was a better, more personalised treatment that was more effective in treating my cancer, I would have jumped at it.”

Personalised Treatment

Along with his team of researchers, Professor John Hooper is working at Mater Research’s world-class institute to identify drugs that inhibit the growth of cancer or make it regress. They’re doing this by comparing genetic samples of patient tumours with a genetic analysis of their blood.

John: “Through this research we’re hoping that we can better identify the drug, or drugs, that inhibit or prevent genetic changes from fuelling future cancer growth in each individual patient, giving her more tailored outcomes to treatment.”

This research could create a future where ovarian cancer is a manageable disease with tailored treatments. But investing in this future requires incredible support.

You can support this research on ovarian cancer by purchasing a ticket in the Mater Prize Home Lottery today.

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