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Best ways to unwind on Bribie Island

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The pace of the world seems to speed up a little more and more everyday. Between technology keeping us always connected and reachable, and continual advancements in efficiency of everything we do, it’s near impossible not to get caught up in the expectation that we must always be busy. And while busy can be good at times, slowing down and resetting is just as important—for your mental well-being, personal connections, and overall happiness.

Lucky for you, you have the advantage of living a more stress-free life than most thanks to owning your new prize home (no more mortgage payments to worry about!) on the stunning Bribie Island. Not to mention you now have two prestigious cars parked in your garage—a Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC (valued at $193,449) and BMW 330i M Sport (valued at $99,812)—PLUS, $500,000 in cashable gold bullion to invest or spend however you desire. But that doesn’t mean you won’t crave those precious moments of calm and quiet.

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Bribie Island is the perfect place to relax and unwind on a daily basis. Here are just some of the top ways to enjoy your down time on Bribie Island.


Spend the day playing golf

The leisurely pace of golf makes it a wonderful option for unwinding any time of the day. The natural setting and beautiful scenery all around adds to that feeling of calmness as you journey through all 18 holes. At the back of this Mater Prize Home is Bribie Island’s prestigious Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club, which offers convenience and superior grounds for your golfing adventures. Your game will be even more relaxing as you make your way around the course in your own golf cart (valued at $18,740) and break in your two sets of golf clubs (valued at $7,469).

Jet ski

Get an adrenalin hit jet skiing

Ok, so boosting your adrenalin may sound counter-intuitive when you’re trying to unwind, but it’s actually an amazing way to free your mind of your daily stresses and just have fun! Adrenalin can trigger the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, aka the feel-good hormones produced in the brain, which in turn may help combat stress and anxiety. So, grab your Seadoo GTR 230 jet ski and trailer (included in the home lottery) and head to the southern end of Pumicestone Passage for a thrilling zip along the coastline.

Luxury cars

Escape on a spur-of-the-moment road trip

With two new luxury cars parked in your garage, you won’t need much convincing to take them out at every opportunity. Once you make the tough decision of deciding whether to take the BMW 330i M Sport or Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC on today’s adventure, the options are abundant for beautiful road trips to embark upon. You could get the lay of the land on your new home island of Bribie Island, or you could venture onto the main land and immerse yourself in the Sunshine Coast’s lush hinterland (the Glasshouse Mountains, Blackall Range, and Mount Coolum are all must-sees), or beach hop along Sunshine Coast’s picturesque stretches of sand.

Bribie Island

Feel the sand between your toes on a beach walk

There’s something special about ending your day by the beach. Perhaps it’s the soothing sound of the waves lapping on the shore, or it’s that calming sense we get from being close to the ocean, or it’s the grounding feeling that sand on bare feet creates. When you live on Bribie Island, you’re never far from the beach so make evening beach walks a part of your physical and mental well-being regimen. You may just find it’s the ultimate stress-busting ritual to reverse a hectic day.


Cosy up in a corner at home

By far your favourite way to kick off your shoes and put up your feet at the end of the day will be within your own home. Our latest Mater Prize Home lottery No. 305 has so many peaceful pockets to chill out in. First thing in the morning, before you even think about all the emails and items on your to-do list waiting for you in the office, start your day right on your back patio. Coffee in hand (made with your barista-worthy coffee machine in your butler’s pantry) and surrounded by greenery all around you, your outdoor lounge room offers a sunny morning pick-me-up. The stunning airy and bright living room with soaring ceilings is drenched in sunshine during the day—aka an idyllic spot for a midday siesta. After clocking off work, go ahead and pour yourself a wine and head out onto your first floor balcony for a gorgeous outlook across the golf course and a moment of stillness as the sun sets.

Ready to enjoy the peace and tranquillity on Bribie Island? Buy your tickets today to win this serene Mater Prize Home lottery on Bribie Island and learn what it’s really like to live stress-free. Plus, for every ticket you purchase you’re helping support the life-changing medical research and patient care at Mater.

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