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Bust your activity budget and get creative (and cost-effective) at home!

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Fine dining, club memberships, cinema screenings… entertaining yourself in this day and age can be costly! But what if you could bust your activity budget by replacing these out-of-pocket pursuits with more cost-effective ‘at home’ alternatives? The good news is, at the current Mater Prize Home in Maudsland, you absolutely can! This feature packed property has everything you need to cook, watch, train, and entertain without leaving your very own patch of paradise. Come take a look!

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Ditch your gym membership & workout at home

Whether you’re the lucky winner of Mater lottery No. 308—and the proud new owner of a deluxe home gym complete with weights, exercise bike, Pilates reformer and sauna—or you simply have a backyard or balcony and a dream… there are so many ways you can bring fitness and wellness into your home. 

Some basic equipment might include free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells and skipping ropes, or you could step it up with more high-tech equipment. Peloton bikes and treadmills have gained increasing popularity since coming to the Australian market, while subscription-based Pilates and yoga programs also exploded during the pandemic era and have remained well subscribed since. Even basic bodyweight workouts have been proven to be highly beneficial. So save the monthly fees and get active at home for free! 

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Forgo costly movie tickets & screen the blockbusters at home

Tickets, snacks, dinner, and transport—add it all up and a night at the cinema is certainly not as affordable as it used to be. But movie night can still be a special affair at home with just a little effort. Quality audio/visual equipment is a must, and why not splurge on a projector and screen to really give that cinematic feel. Bowls of sweets and popcorn all round, and you can even skip the previews! 

Or, alternatively, if you’re the winner of Mater lottery No. 308, you’ll have your very own dedicated media room for the ultimate home screening. The plush and cosy room boasts luxurious furnishings, vintage movie posters, a popcorn maker, and even a wine cellar for a grown-up tipple. 

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Become a master chef & cook up a storm in your dream kitchen

The current Mater Prize Home has no shortage of incredible features, but a dream kitchen is an undoubtedly one of its best. With its cathedral windows overlooking the valley, generous kitchen island complete with built-in chopping board, butler’s pantry, top-line appliances, and multiple seating options, this truly is a space to create culinary magic. 

Whether you’re the lucky winner, or whether you just want to level up your cooking and entertaining skills in your current home, there are so many resources available to help you on your way. Books, websites, celebrity chefs, YouTube tutorials… it’s all there! You can save a hefty bill and maybe even discover a new passion in the process. So what are you waiting for? 

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Create a zen garden oasis at home

Your home's outdoor space can be a sanctuary where you can unwind and enjoy the feeling of being in nature without ever setting foot off your property. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cosy balcony, make the most of it by creating a space that exudes tranquillity with loads of greenery, potted plants or even a small garden. Add a firepit or candles for ambient light, and comfortable seating for those longer stays like picnics, barbeques, some light exercise or meditation. Or better still, grab a ticket for Mater lottery No. 308 where all the garden oasis vibes have been cleverly designed for you!

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Make it Game, Set, Relax at home!

Sightly harder to achieve, but for the tennis lovers among us, trading the local club for an at-home court is the ultimate dream! Installing your own might not exactly be what most would consider cost effective, but winning one for the price of a $2 ticket certainly is. That’s all it takes—one $2 ticket in the current Mater Prize Home draw and you could be the lucky winner of the sensational $3.5M prize package, including the incredible Maudsland home complete with a brand-new tennis court. Bust your budget or win the lot… the choice is yours!

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