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If you are the lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 73; you’ll drive away in a V8 4WD. All you’ll have to do is decide whether you’re a Toyota or Nissan enthusiast—because the choice between the two is yours! Not to mention the Sport Boat that comes along with it…

To help improve your ride, we’ve got a few techy tools and safety gadgets we think you should check out.

Dashbot Al Robot

Safety always comes first on the road and this device is made with safety in mind. Never be tempted to touch your mobile phone again—the Dashbot Al Robot connects using Bluetooth and syncs with your smartphone. That means you are able to get travel directions, manage your incoming calls and messages and select your playlist (including by song or artist). This is truly a hands-free experience you should get your hands on!

Stop Revive Survive

StopSleep is an invaluable tool made for road safety. It’s estimated that 20-30% of Australian road accidents are attributed to driver fatigue (and there are suggestions that fatigue related incidents are still under-reported)*; this gadget is a must if you are planning on taking long drives. Wear the StopSleep on two fingers and its sensors will monitor your electrodermal activity; keeping an eye on your concentration and awareness. When it detects a loss of these senses, it will audibly alert you before you reach the extremely dangerous ‘micro-sleep’ state.

Dash cam

Dash cams are assisting drivers throughout the country. Dash cams are useful to help maintain road safety, forcing more rule-breakers to curb their unsafe driving practices given they are at risk of being recorded; they also help drivers provide evidence in the case of any accidents or incidents on the road. Some dash cams are able to be activated even when parked, being activated when impacted—giving you added security to keep a watchful eye over your prized possession.

MicroDot technology

MicroDot technology is a game-changer in protecting your assets. This technology allows thousands of dots less that are less than a 1mm wide and coded with a unique verification number, to be placed within your vehicle (and any other assets you would like protecting) to reduce the incidence of theft. As thousands of dots are sprayed within your vehicle, it makes it’s impossible to find every one; therefore ensuring your car (and its parts) are always traceable.

A lot of vehicle manufacturers are now using this technology; however you can still find an after-market provider to install this technology to protect your car.

Never forget where you parked

If you’ve ever found yourself walking out of a shopping centre and wondering where you parked in the sea of vehicles ahead, this handy gadget is here to help. The YAB is a small device that uses Bluetooth technology to track the location of your car. Buy a YAB, download the app and pair your YAB device with your smartphone; then plug it into a USB port/car charger and when you park your car and switch off the engine, the app will sync the two devices automatically—leading you easily back to your vehicle.

Charge on the run

We all know the feeling of dread when we realise we are about to lose power on our phones—never get caught out by ensuring you have a portable charger on-hand in your car. It might sound like over-kill but some portable chargers can charge up to four devices at one time. Whether you find yourself needing to charge more the one device when you are on the go, or you’ve got a passenger or two along for the ride, there are plenty of chargers on the market that simply plug into your car’s 12V receptacle; so grab yourself a travel charger today.

Car technology

As technology evolves at a rapid pace; we will no doubt see more and more advanced safety features as standard add-ons to new cars; as well as after-market gadgets and accessories becoming available. In a technology-driven era it’s exciting to think about what will be released next to help improve and enhance our driving experiences.

Win a 4WD

Don’t miss your chance to win a V8 4WD so you can kit it up with the latest car tech! Get your tickets today and you could find yourself driving away in a Nissan Patrol OR Toyota LandCruiser Sahara PLUS both options come with a boat!


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