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Caring Together

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It’s incredible what we can accomplish as a community. We can start fashion trends, innovative technologies, and – perhaps best of all – we can genuinely help those diagnosed with serious and complicated illnesses.

Supported by fundraising from the Mater community, Mater services and research have been able to provide the best possible patient care today, while developing even more effective care and treatments for the future.

Effective Care

One of the many pillars of Mater’s service network is the Mater Young Adult Health Centre in Brisbane. This is the only centre in Queensland that caters for young adults with a chronic disease, with the entire medical team adapting their care to suit patients between 16 and 25.

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Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane

Being diagnosed with a disease at a young age requires a certain approach. That’s why the centre was founded – to better give the right type of care to young adults. The centre supports and treats young adults who have illnesses including:

  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Cystic fibrosis.

This particular age bracket requires special attention, as patients aren’t kids anymore, but they’re still new to adulthood. That’s why the centre hosts a range of different programs to assist with the unique needs of young adults. From social and developmental to physical and emotional needs, these programs provide essential personalised care.

Kelsie’s Courageous Fight

At age 17, Kelsie was diagnosed with a complex autoimmune illness. The disease affected her bowel, causing internal bleeding, immune system issues and failure of the digestive system – and after years of new medications and trials, nothing was working. That’s when she decided to go ahead with ileostomy surgery.

The surgery was a success, as well as the four surgeries that followed, and now Kelsie is living her life like anyone else her age. Reflecting on the whole experience, it’s clear the centre played a huge role in her life with the illness.

“The centre enabled me to bridge the divide between the adult’s hospital and the stage of life that I was at. The space is very inviting; everything from the wallpaper and the furniture, to interactive spaces where you can study or meet other young people – but really it comes down to expertise. Someone who understands how to communicate with you as a young person is going to treat you better,” Kelsie said.

What the centre provides is a space designed specifically for young adults and a huge team of medical professionals who just get it – what it’s like to be diagnosed with something quite frightening at the beginning of adulthood. But the centre is just one part of a much bigger approach to medical care.

Crucial Research

Along with providing bespoke care, Mater is leading the way with new research. Mater Research involves deep study into:

  • Cancer biology
  • Chronic disease biology
  • Implementing evidence to improve health
  • Mothers’, babies’ and women’s health
  • Neurosciences and cognitive health
  • Optimising acute care.

Spanning numerous fields, research by Mater is led by dedicated researchers, expanding our insights into cancer, cognitive health and how to provide more effective care. This ensures our community is stepping forward into a future filled with stronger solutions to illnesses.

Mater Prize Home Lottery Support

A huge part of Mater’s cancer fundraising comes from Mater Prize Homes. By purchasing tickets, people in the community can support everything Mater does (e.g. specialist care and innovative research). It also puts you into the running to win a prize home valued at millions – a big incentive to help bring together people suffering from illnesses and those who can help.

“I honestly don’t know how I would have survived if it weren’t for the doctors and specialists at Mater,” said Kelsie.

You can purchase your tickets online today.

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