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Don’t Go Full Bore: Just Conquer and Explore

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Win a Limited-Edition Mustang Mach 1
And choose the:
Jeep Wrangler + Patriot Camper

Mater Cars for Cancer have hit the century! Their 100th raffle offers up a sporty Mustang Mach 1, with the choice of either a big ol’ RAM pick up and a Harley Davidson, or an all-conquering Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and a Patriot Camper X3 trailer. It’s amazing that despite 99 previous lotteries, they’re still coming up with fresh and interesting prizes that, if you have a ticket, could be yours.

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Winning the 100th Mater Cars for Cancer draw and choosing the Jeep Rubicon/Patriot Camper option is a sure-fire way to curtail the COVID blues. With overseas travel out and even interstate flights a bit iffy these days, firing up the forby and heading into the wild blue yonder is fast becoming first choice for a high-quality holiday.

But to conquer this wild blue yonder and the wide, brown land beneath it, you’re going to need a rig with unstoppable four-wheel-driving capabilities, excellent reliability and maybe a few creature comforts thrown in. Enter the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, an off-roader that can claim roots going back seven decades.

The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon sits on a ladder chassis with solid front and rear axles; old-school architecture that you won’t find underneath your mum’s supermarket-friendly ‘soft-roader’. Nope, this is the equipment best suited to conquer the roughest terrain you can throw under it.

Plenty of other four-wheel-drive vehicles are capable, and many, with some aftermarket help, are downright spectacular. But the Jeep allows you to bypass the auto accessories store and head straight into the bush. The solid-beam Dana axles, shared in-concept with the very first Jeeps of 1941, contain a litany of modern technological upgrades designed to get you out of trouble, regardless of how hard you try to get into it.

The Wrangler’s Rock-Trak Active On-Demand system allows smooth shuffling between two-wheel-drive or four. When things get rocky, the Tru-Lok front and rear differentials and an insanely low 77.2:1 crawl ratio help the Jeep power carefully through. The front swaybar can be electronically disconnected, allowing the Dana axle even greater articulation to keep the wheels in contact with earth. Driving a Jeep could be the difference between conquering everything or having to call for help.

Skipping the local auto accessories store won’t leave you lacking inside, either, with the Rubicon offering tunes courtesy of Apple Carplay or Android Auto, a seven-inch driver display incorporating traditional dials and the comfort of heated leather seats. The hard top is removable, as is the carpet, so if you get this thing royally filthy, you can simply hose it out, the water draining through one-way plugs in the floor. But the only way you’re going to get even a spec of dirt on this car is to win it, so grab a ticket today.

Winning the best factory-fresh off-roader you can get won’t be much chop if Mater Cars for Cancer gives you something dreck to tow behind it. That’s why they have selected the award-winning Patriot Camper X3.

Sitting atop Patriot’s galvanised UNSTOPPABLE platform, the three-berth Camper X3 rides on airbagged suspension to keep the Camper steady and balanced, regardless of where the Jeep takes you.

Once you’ve conquered the trail, drop the support leg, unfold the quick-setup integrated tent and extend your living area with the gas-assisted awning. Make dinner in the comprehensive outback kitchen with a twin-burner stove and grille, 75L Dometic fridge/freezer, diesel hot water system, fold-down benchtops and integrated drawers. Crikey, there’s even a spice rack!

For a camper trailer, this set up certainly has a lot of indoor area, but if conquering the great outdoors is 100% not your thing, lend the whole Jeep and Camper set up to your kids (for a comfortable schoolies?) or your oldies (for comfortable grey nomading?), step out into your driveway and fire up the Ford Mustang Mach 1. Because if you’ve won ‘1’, you’ve won the other. Furthermore, you’ve also got $60,000 in cashable gold bullion and a Coles Myer voucher worth $2700. As always, a ticket could be worth its weight in gold, Jeeps, campers and Mustangs, so conquer your doubts and get in it to win it.

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