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Driving Outstanding Research

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The road to life-saving treatments for different cancers is long and complex. That’s why Mater Cars for Cancer supercharge the process by offering remarkable prize cars in their car lotteries. Funds raised for each prize car – the latest being the HSV Clubsport R8 LSA – will help shift cancer research into top gear. Currently, the headlights are focused on melanoma.

Conquering Melanoma

The danger of melanoma is deadly. In Australia alone, five people are expected to die from melanoma today. It’s a difficult fact to acknowledge, and it’s a fact that researchers at Mater Research are determined to change.

According to Melanoma Institute Australia, research is already making a big difference in the treatment of melanoma and the future of new insights is looking bright, too. At Mater Research, there are numerous world-leading research projects on melanoma being led by dedicated professors.

A New Approach to Treatment

One of these researchers, Professor Gabrielli, and his team are looking for new ways to safely and more effectively target cancer cells. The research is focused on investigating and exploiting a molecular mechanism in the body that repairs normal UV damage. In melanomas, this mechanism is usually ‘broken’, so the research will determine if the broken mechanism can be targeted, accurately and more safely targeting cancer cells.

Insights from this research could lead to both more effective treatments and with less side effects. This would greatly improve the lives of those suffering from melanoma – in terms of their treatment and the vast increase of time they have to live their lives.

But how do we get to a future with more treatment options?

We drive. And we drive fast.

Prize Car Lottery

Fundraising for research has never looked or sounded so good and our latest car lottery, the HSV Clubsport R8 LSA takes the podium. This sting red, high-performance vehicle looks and drives like it belongs on a racetrack.

This is our last Australian HSV lottery; our revving farewell to the Aussie-built icon.

Upgraded with a TEKNO Performance Stage 3 Power Pack, the torque available and control on the road will exceed all expectations. With the modifications, the HSV reaches a whole new rank of supercar. Some of the unbeatable details include:

  • 6 speed automatic
  • 550+ kW
  • 900+ Nm
  • 737.5 hp

This is the 30th Anniversary Edition 2017 HSV Clubsport R8 LSA, and it’s made to look the part. Covered in red paint and lined with stunning leather, it’s the composed matador and the raging bull. Its one-of-a-kind detailing includes:

  • TEKNO Performance decals
  • Custom black Italian leather interior trim

We’re proud to offer this as our prize car in the current draw and are expecting a sell-out. But above all, the funds from tickets go toward the life-changing research conducted by Mater Research, including Professor Gabrielli’s melanoma studies.

So what are you waiting for? Support the search for effective cancer treatments and enter the draw to win this incredible HSV by purchasing tickets today!

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