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Essential dirt bike accessories

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This Mater Cars for Cancer we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a Maloo GTSR W507 PLUS a KTM 350 EXC-F dirt bike! On top of this, we are also giving away some essential rider accessorises so you can experience the ultimate dirt bike experience!

Here’s a list of some accessories we think you should have – just to get you started!

Motocross Helmet –

This is an obvious, but an extremely important one! In fact, it’s the most important piece of riding gear available. Helmets save riders from serious injury and even death. No responsible rider would ever head out for a rip without wearing a helmet.

Modern helmets feature the latest in technology and research offering comfort, design and the utmost in protection. They feature a variety of characteristics which range from the number of ventilation ports, to the construction material that help make a long day at the track or on the trail safer and more pleasant.

Dirt bike helmets have a visor on them to protect against roost from other riders. Motocross helmets also include a wider eye port for the use of goggles, and a vented mouth piece for more air flow when racing. Furthermore, most dirt bike helmets have removable liner and cheek pads so you can wash the dirt and sweat away after a long day of riding or racing.

Motocross Goggles –

Don’t let dirt, dust, bugs and any other debris get in your eyes and face when riding – wear a good pair of goggles. There are various different types of goggles to choose from. Some are built for warm weather which means they have maximum ventilation, while others are made to keep your face warm in cooler weather conditions. Conveniently, there are goggles designed to work with prescription glasses and some have integrated tear-off posts. You can buy clear, coloured, or mirrored lenses depending on the lighting you’re riding in or the style that you’re after.

Motocross Gloves –

Dirt bike gloves come in two styles, protective or light weight. Protective gloves are covered in TPR rubber at the top, adding a barrier between the top of your hand and outside elements. Lightweight gloves are typically made from a mesh material for ventilation. All gloves have several stitching on the palms for extra robustness. When sizing motocross gloves, be sure the entire palm fits tight, or else you may be left with blisters after riding.

Motocross Jersey –

Jerseys are made from a performance enhanced, lightweight polyester blend which presents extreme durability while keeping the jersey thin and light – offering maximum comfort without hindering your ability to ride.

Dirt bike jerseys come in all types – for warm weather conditions, cold weather, racing and trail riding. Warm weather dirt bike jerseys are vented with mesh material to permit sufficient ventilation, while cold weather dirt bike jerseys are lined with fleece to keep the rider warm. Trail riding jerseys typically have elbow pads sewn in, and contain extra stitching on the seams for more protection and durability. They’re a little bit heavier than your standard motocross jersey.

Motocross Pants –

Motocross pants follow the same direction as the jerseys mentioned above – they are typically sold together in a set containing jersey & pant. Just like the cold weather jerseys, cold weather riding pants have more stitching around seams, and have no vents. Some offer cold weather liners as well. Warm weather riding pants will include plenty of vents, typically around the knee and thigh areas. You don’t want to feel suffocated while riding and staying cool is of highest importance. Ventilation areas keep a strong airflow and stretch panels provide plenty of room to fit your jersey and pants over knee braces, chest guards and other body protection.

Motocross Boots –

Riding a dirt bike requires numerous vital must-haves to ensure safety and years of enjoyment on your dirt bike – not the least of which are motocross boots. Boots protect your foot, ankle and shins from injury – but also provide solid stability when cornering or any time the need to plant your feet is necessary to prevent a fall. High end boots also feature built-in metal plates to prevent the boot from flexing in a crash.

Feet and ankles are simply not designed to withstand a high speed impact on their own. Moreover, the average weight of a motorcycle is 180+ kilograms and a canvas shoe or sandals won’t provide any protection against the weight of a bike or the heat from the engine in the event you lose your balance and fall over. Motocross boots are made to keep your feet safe, dry and comfortable with reinforced heels and arches for extra support and protection.

Dirt Bike Stand –

Getting a dirt bike stand is an absolute must so you can work on your dirt bike. Make sure you get one that is built with quality – a sturdy stand and one that will also last for years without rusting. Most of them will have a rubber top which keeps your dirt bike in place while the drainage channels keep liquid from pooling.

Tie downs –

Bring your new KTM 350 EXC-F dirt bike to the track in the back of your new Maloo GTSR W507 by using tie downs. These are vital for bringing your bike wherever you’re headed so it arrives in one piece. You will also need a loading ramp – but luckily, if you are the winner of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 77, we will provide you with one of these too!

The ultimate prize package…

So not only are we giving you the chance to win a Maloo GTSR W507 plus a KTM 350 EXC-F dirt bike – we will also provide you with rider accessories and protective gear (such as a helmet, pants, jersey, boots and gloves), loading ramp, bike stand and tie downs (to secure the bike) AND a power parts voucher so you can personalise your new dirt bike just the way you want to!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets TODAY!!

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