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Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Luxury Living

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Want to win a house? A lavish home in the Canopy’s Edge Estate in Cairns is up for grabs in the current Mater Prize Home draw. It has all you need to live in comfort every day – luxury, cosiness and relaxation in one beautiful resort-like setting.

Kitchen gadgets

No home, no matter how fantastic, would be complete without its true heart, which is of course the kitchen. The kitchen on offer in this property will amaze you with its high-quality finishes, expanse of space and storage, as well as a butlers pantry and cocktail bar. With a kitchen like this, not to mention the property’s stunning views, you may never want to eat out again! So if you are lucky enough to be the winner of this gorgeous house what are the latest must-have kitchen gadgets that you need to make sure you and your family feel spoiled while relaxing in your very own tropical oasis?

Here are our top five picks – these must-have kitchen gadgets look good, are designed to make your life easier, and will make your house the place that everyone wants to visit. In fact, you may have a hard time getting your friends to go home!

Espresso machine

Imagine relaxing beside the beautiful pool enjoying the sunshine while drinking a freshly brewed coffee before you start your day. An espresso machine is an absolute essential in the modern kitchen and there is an option to suit everyone. You may want to consider a pod machine, which is a compact and tidy option for the occasional coffee drinker. If you are a budding barista and want to wow everyone with your coffee-making skills you might be more interested in a manual piston machine. These machines also bring some old-world charm to your kitchen bench. If you are more interested in keeping life simple there are plenty of semi or fully automatic espresso machines around. These come in a variety of colours as well so you can be sure to bring some of your own personality to the stunning house you now get to call home!

Sous vide cookers

The sous vide style of cooking used to be something you only saw in fine dining restaurants but has become increasingly accessible for the home cook over the last few years. This is great news because we are quite sure that this versatile, simple and tasty way to cook food will blow you away. There are a number of brands of sous vide machines on the market now but essentially they all use the same technology of precisely heating food in a water bath. Using your sous vide machine is as easy as seasoning your food, placing it in a vacuum-sealed cooking pouch, and turning on the cooker. Because sous vide machines use precise temperature, rather than precise timing, it takes the stress out of getting every part of your meal ready at the same time, which is definitely going to help keep entertaining easy. Sous vide machines mean consistent results, great flavour, beautiful looking food and all without any stress. What could be better?


Living in tropical Cairns doesn’t just mean a relaxing and easy life, but also great access to wonderful fresh food. The spiralizer is a fantastic kitchen gadget that will enable you to make use of plenty of that great produce. Spiralizers essentially make noodles out of fruit and vegetables. This can mean healthy alternatives to pasta, such as the popular zucchini spaghetti, and stunning colour in salads, such as spiralized beetroot or carrot. Another great idea is making curly fries out of potato or sweet potato. Not only are they a healthy gadget to have in your kitchen, they are also easy to use and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Fast beverage coolers

We have all been in that situation where we have forgotten to put drinks in the fridge or we have had unexpected guests arrive and thrown some drinks quickly into the freezer with our fingers crossed that they cool down quickly. There is now the technology to get your drinks to the perfect drinking temperature without the risk of them exploding in the freezer. These fast beverage coolers use either thermal technology or an ice cube receptacle to bring cans and bottles down to the exact drinking temperature in no time at all. The drinks are gently rotated over the cooling area and in just a few minutes the soft drink, beer or wine will be at the ideal temperature to refresh you and your guests after a day enjoying the tropics. This house already has a fabulous cocktail bar and one of these coolers means you can be confident of always serving up fabulous refreshing drinks too.

Air fryers

Having a butlers pantry means that there is plenty of storage in this magnificent kitchen for fun kitchen gadgets so why wouldn’t you get an air fryer to easily whip up treats for the whole family? Everyone deserves a treat now and again and air fryers make it easy to serve up tasty food while being much healthier than the traditional deep fat fryer. They also look modern and stylish and are much safer than the alternatives, using only a small amount of oil to achieve the same results you would ordinarily need a lot for. Hot, crispy fries and cold beverage in stunning tropical Cairns sounds like a pretty good option to us!

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Buy tickets today for this incredible prize and have your fingers crossed for a very special call on 27 October 2017. In addition to winning a magnificent four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in tropical Cairns you will also be able to fit out your stunning new kitchen with all our favourite gadgets thanks to a $5,000 VISA gift card. Why wait? Buy your ticket today and this beautiful home could be all yours.

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