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Everything that Could Go Wrong Did Go Wrong

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For Danielle and Phil, the road to parenthood was neither smooth nor easy.

Following a three year struggle to fall pregnant, including one early miscarriage, Danielle was filled with “the most amazing feeling in the world” on the day she found out she was pregnant.

And the best news of all, Danielle and Phil were due to have twins in July 2016.

All was well until, at a routine appointment at 21 weeks of pregnancy, the worst news imaginable was delivered to Danielle and Phil. No heart beat could be found in one of their twins. Sadly, he had passed away in-utero. They named him Archie.

“It was such a horrible and emotional moment, I would not wish that moment on anyone,” Danielle said.

The moment was also bittersweet for the couple, as they were reassured that their second twin was still going well and continuing to grow.

They decided to carry on with the pregnancy, knowing now that the risk of pre-term birth was more significant than ever before.

Some weeks passed and at 25 weeks and four days of pregnancy, Danielle began having contractions.

On 22 March 2016, baby Solomon came quickly into the world, weighing just 760 grams and more than 14 weeks early.

A specialist team from Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit were on hand immediately to begin specialist life-saving care for little Solomon.

Danielle was able to hold his hand for just one moment, before he was rushed away.

Baby Archie was delivered next and it was only then, that Danielle and Phil were able to spend some precious time with him.

“I know now how very important that time with our Archie was for us,” Danielle said.

In the weeks that followed, Solomon was seriously ill but continued to fight for life each day as he suffered many setbacks including a pulmonary haemorrhage, two brain bleeds and infection.

Danielle and Phil waited two weeks for their first cuddle and 101 days before they could take baby Solomon home.

Solomon is now continuing to grow and meet many milestones at home with mum and dad.

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