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Four Reasons The Ford Mustang R-Spec Isn’t Your Standard Mustang

Ford Mustang Rspec 27

If you’re looking for one of the most unique cars on the Australian market, our latest prize car, the Ford Mustang R-Spec, is just the thing to get you revved up! With its striking good looks and unbelievably fast supercharged engine performance, this special-edition Australian adaptation of an American icon proves that you can improve on a good thing. Intrigued? Here are a few ways the Ford Mustang R-Spec is better than your standard Mustang.

It’s a supercharged Mustang built especially for the Australian market

It’s often said that things are bigger and better in the states, but that certainly doesn’t apply in this instance. When Ford in North America refused to build a supercharged Mustang in right-hand drive (and in accordance with Australian drive-by noise-level recommendations), Ford Australia and Herrod Performance decided to take matters into their own hands – with exceptional results that definitely get our engines going!

Powered by a Ford Performance supercharged five-litre V8 engine and riding on lowered Ford Performance suspension, this ultimate special-edition ‘stang packs a serious punch, with an output of more than 500 kilowatts and the ability to go from 0–100 kilometres in less than four seconds. Did someone say time to hit the highway?

You get the complete package

Choosing between performance and aesthetics is a thing of the past with the R-Spec’s sleek and sporty bodywork and impressive array of specs. Heads will turn to follow you down the street thanks to the stylish unique black exterior treatment, R-Spec-specific alloys and a one-off boot lid spoiler, while the black 5.0 badges and hockey side stripes are a nod to the locally produced FPV Ford Falcon from a bygone era. Ready to go from zero to hero at the merest brush of the accelerator, the Mustang delivers a smooth, corner-gripping ride thanks to its unique R-Spec MagneRide Suspension and Ford Performance springs and stabiliser bars. Get ready for the drive of your life!

There are just 500 of them in existence…

… and they’ve all sold out. Despite the $100,000 price tag, there was unprecedented demand for Ford’s new hero car once it was released through dealerships, with many being snapped up overnight after being announced. Each of the 500 Ford Mustang R-Specs – with their eye-catching heritage paintwork – have been finished by hand and individually numbered, making these cars true pieces of Aussie automotive history and a real collector’s item.

It brought the derelict Ford Australia factory back to life

It’s no secret that the Australian car manufacturing industry’s seen better days, but, in good news for local-car lovers, every Mustang R-Spec was created locally at Ford Australia’s Broadmeadows factory: the home of the Ford Falcon. The multi-million dollar project recruited 20-30 people and used components imported from the US, with each Mustang constructed by a team of eight people over two weeks as part of a fully productionised process – breathing new life into the industry and giving renewed hope to those who’d love to see more automotive projects happening on Aussie soil.

Dreaming of your very own Ford Mustang R-Spec?

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