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From the Racing Track to Your Garage

Retro Fit Gtsr Lop Big

The latest prize car up for grabs in this Mater Cars for Cancer lottery draw is something to behold. Featuring retro badging, trim, paint and a classic spoiler, the HSV GTSR was made to honour an Aussie icon: the 1996 Holden VR Commodore that Craig Lowndes dominated race tracks with.

From Saddles to Horsepower

This history of Holden started in the 1800s, when Alexander Holden ran his Saddlery business for the noble steeds of Australia. Over the decades, Holden changed its game. And from 1940, their car manufacturing gained incredible traction, supplying city streets with the roar of the lion.

In the late ‘80s, Tom Walkinshaw saw the potential of Holden and founded Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), to really stretch the legs of the lion and see just how fast they could go. Soon after, HSV creations would start competing in Australia’s top racing events.

Holden VR Commodore

For many of us, it was during the 1996 AMP Bathurst 2000 endurance race when Holden’s voice was truly heard. Driven by Aussie legends Craig Lowndes and Greg Murphy, the Holden VR became king of the circuit. And then many more circuits after.

What spearheaded the successful careers of two great drivers became a highly coveted vehicle. And as the HSV range grew, so did our passion for these remarkable machines.

Retro-fit HSV GTSR

What we see today from HSV is raw beauty, and what we hear is roaring power (747 Horse Power to be exact). The retro-fit HSV GTSR’s style brings back our favourite qualities of the original VR Commodore, while grasping the contemporary look of racing.

The high-performance engine is amplified by the Walkinshaw Power Pack W557, providing a boost that’s unbeatable. This yellow painted machine really makes a thunderous statement about the future of Australian muscle cars.

It looks stunning from the outside, but we’d rather be sitting inside it.

Behind the car lottery is a cause to conquer cancer and help the lives of those suffering from it. Purchasing tickets will give you the chance to win the unstoppable HSV GTSR, while supporting cancer research. Race to grab your tickets today!

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