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Get onto it—last chance to buy a ticket!

Hsv Drive Day

The Unicorn: Shelby Mustang Super Snake 650

Shelby American has hit the road running—releasing the infamous Shelby Mustang Super Snake to the Australian market, giving Aussie drivers the chance to own their very own unicorn.

Valued at $155,287 the dream of owning one of these elusive animals is not within reach for most of us mortals—but there is another way.  The Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is your chance to win a Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake 650 to park in your driveway. With tickets only $30 each and the proceeds going to cancer treatment and research at Mater, buying a ticket to win your dream car has never been a better idea!

You could know the pleasure of driving a brand new high performance supercharged V8, featuring full leather interior, racing seats, racy carbon fibre bonnet and a long, long list of customised features.

But time is running out, Mater Cars for Cancer No.70 will close on 7 September 2016, if tickets don’t sell out sooner! So get in and buy a ticket today for your chance to win the Shelby Mustang Super Snake 650.

Die-hard Holden fans are salivating over the HSV GTS V8

You will be the envy of your mates when you rock up HSV GTS; they will hear the 6.2L V8 coming from a mile off and will gather around to see your brand new wheels.

Featuring a supercharged V8, 6 speed manual transmission, this impressive piece of machinery pumps out 430kW of power and 740Nm of torque and is one the most powerful sedans in its class.

The best part is if the winner chooses the HSV GTS they also receive $51,286 worth of gold bullion!

If you’re not convinced by the specs alone, take a look at HSV ambassador Cameron Smith feeling the power of a HSV GTS driven by legend Greg Murphy—if that looks like a roaring good time, imagine life driving the latest model!

It’s your choice! The American Super Snake or the Australian HSV GTS

The lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer No.70 holds the power to make the choice between the exclusive Shelby Mustang Super Snake or the package of a HSV GTS + $15,286 worth of gold bullion.

No matter what choice the winner makes, guaranteed is an exciting drive home after picking up the keys to their brand new high performance V8!

Buy your ticket today and don’t miss out on your chance to feel the thrill of winning fun on four wheels!

And remember, by purchasing your tickets in our Mater Cars for Cancer lottery, not only do you have the chance to win a roaring high-performance vehicle, you will be helping support the one in two Queensland men and women who will sadly be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Your generous ticket purchase changes lives.

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