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Get your Hands on a Piece of Valuable Aussie Motoring History!

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The Falcon XR8 Sprint is Ford’s ode to the Falcon – one last hurrah before the mighty Falcon disappears forever. The Clubsport R8 has always been an Aussie favourite, more so now with the impressive LSA powerplant under the hood.

Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

The Falcon has long given blue oval fans a reason to be proud. From iconic models such as the Falcon XY GTHO Phase III (which was the fastest 4 door production car in the world), to the game changing XR6 Turbo, to the supercharged V8 FGX beauty available today.

Unfortunately, the Falcon’s days are numbered as Ford Australia winds down its local manufacturing. Fortunately, the mad scientists at Ford cooked up a final gift to Ford fans – the limited edition XR6 Turbo and XR8 Sprint.

Lusty, old school and borderline brutal: All things we love about an Aussie V8, and it’s no different with the XR8 Sprint, which ticks plenty of boxes.”

– drive.com.au

It is without doubt the best bang-for-buck performance sedan in Australia. Bar none.”

– caradvice.com.au

The last Falcon is the best Falcon? It seems so.”

– motoring.com.au

There’s a reason the Sprint has earned this type of praise – it is the cherry on top of an already impressive car. It is the final effort before the whistle blows.

The Broadmeadows engineers have produced something special here which will shine for many years to come and with only 750 XR8 Sprints in existence, they will continue to be special for a long time to come.

HSV Clubsport R8

The Clubsport has been a fan favourite since it was released to the masses in 1990. A big V8 and some good looking styling has proved a winning formula for HSV since the beginning.

As it has evolved, it’s not only become faster, but more technically proficient. Bigger and better brakes, suspension, ECU, chassis, material and tyre evolutions have all contributed to one of the most technically superior cars to come out of Australia.

The latest iteration includes all the modern luxuries:

  • Side blind zone alert with reverse traffic alert
  • Passive entry and remote start
  • Heads up display
  • Automatic park assist
  • Forwards collision alert
  • Lane departure warning

You’d expect this type of technology from a modern family car or people mover, however the Clubsport LSA also packs a heavy performance punch with:

  • 400kW 671Nm 6.2L supercharged V8
  • Driver preference dial
  • 4 pot cross drilled high performance brakes
  • Launch control
  • Competition mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

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