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Glebe’s Historical Homes

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Mater Prize Home lottery No. 269, a luxury inner-city apartment located in Glebe, is one of modern elegance and design. It might be hard to believe that it stands only minutes away from one of the original homes first built in the suburb of Glebe, 185 years ago.

Glebe’s history

Glebe has one of the largest collections of Victorian cottages and terraces in the same townscape to be found in Australia. The land that Glebe sits on was first developed in 1790 after the British administration granted 400 acres to the Church of England. The suburb of Glebe began in 1828 when the church subdivided the land and at the auction sales, a solicitor by the name of George Allen purchased 96 acres for private use. He went on to call his land Toxteth Estate.

Toxteth Park mansion

George Allen and his family moved into the mansion in 1831. Originally built two stories high using white stone, the rectangular mansion with long veranda’s on two sides had a third storey added in 1881, as well as a tower and ballroom.

The property was sold to Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1901, and then founded St Scholastica’s College. The mansion still stands on the schools grounds today and now houses the Good Samaritan Congregational Centre.

Over the years, George Allen built several houses and structures on his estate and his family’s history lives on today in both the properties still remaining but also the street names these homes stand on.

You’ll find Toxteth Road and Toxteth Lane a quick 7 minute walk from your apartment on Scotsman Street; Allen Street is just around the corner and on your way there you’ll pass the original mansion on the grounds of St Scholastica’s College.


Built of sandstone on the grounds of Toxteth Park around the 1840s; its first occupants were Allen’s daughter Emma and her husband George Mansfield who was the architect that designed the cottage.  The cottage can be found at 13 Mansfield Street.


Stroll to 27 Mansfield Street and you’ll find the Emslee residence. Built in 1857, this two story cottage with shingle roof was also designed by George Mansfield. The cottage also features one of the earliest types of chimneys.

Toxteth Lodge

Built as the gatehouse to the estate, Toxteth Lodge was built using sandstone around circa 1870s. Mansfield also designed and lived in this quaint home that still stands today at 9 Toxteth Road.

Death of George Allen

George Allen died in 1877 and his eldest son, also named George Allen, was the beneficiary of the estate. During the 1880s, George went on to sell some land around the estate and placed a covenant in place requiring all new homes to be built of either stone or brick.

After George’s death in 1885, major subdivisions were made. George’s wife, Lady Allen, remained in the mansion until the property was sold to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.

Heritage Buildings in Glebe

The rich architecture thanks to the Allen family is just some of the historical buildings that await you in Glebe. If you’d like to find out more, check out The Glebe Society inc or visit Glebe Walks.

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