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Go Far or Go Fast!

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Total First Prize $300,000

The final Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery for 2022 is now live, offering the first prize choice of a Prado Kakadu and Coromal caravan, or an Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain and a pair of Kawasaki dirt bikes. Whether you prefer to go far or go fast, a ticket is a must.

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As 2022 winds down, it’s time to take stock of what’s going on and ease up a bit to smell the roses. Did you get a holiday this year? Not everyone did; the last couple of years ruined that for all of us, and it’s been a challenge to get back in the groove.

Yet we all love to get away, it’s simply how we do it and what we do when we get there that varies. As usual, Mater Cars for Cancer is offering a choice of two major prizes, each equally adept at conquering your downtime. If you need help with your holidays, this just might be your lottery.

Prado and caravan

To go far in this big brown land, you need something that’s not only going to get you there and back but do it in comfort and style. Many fourbies have been up for the job over the years, but none have forged as formidable a reputation as the Toyota LandCruiser Prado range.

I’ve mentioned the Prado once or twice before, because as much as Mater Cars for Cancer like to vary their prize pools from lottery to lottery, there’s a reason they’ve returned to the Prado more than once. Now in it’s 32nd year of production, the Prado is a mainstay of family motoring in Australia and has proven its worth time and time again in the city, on the wide-open road and importantly, on the rural road less travelled. You had the chance to win a Prado as recently as Lottery 105, and the lucky Queensland resident who took the prize has been reaping the benefits since their win. They didn’t miss out, and you don’t have to either; for your chance to be added to the winners’ list, ensure you’ve got a ticket in Lottery 108.

Like last time, the prize Prado is coupled with a Coromal Thrill Seeker caravan, although Mater Cars for Cancer have upped the caravan content for Lottery 108 with a full-sized, 21-and-a-half-foot family van.

If the idea of packing up the kids or a couple of mates and getting out amongst it sounds a bit tame, the lucky prize winner doesn’t need win a Prado or win a caravan. Instead, you might choose the second option and win an Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain and a pair of powerful Kawasaki KX450 dirt bikes with an accompanying trailer.

Isuzu D-Max and Kawasaki Bikes

Personally, I’m quite excited about the prospect of a D-Max being first prize; they’re a rugged, go-anywhere SUV that has really come of age since they hit the market back in 2008. And fear not; while a mere 14-year history sounds like a trifle compared to the lengthy tenure of the Prado, the D-Max had a former life as the Holden Rodeo, the Chevrolet LUV and the Isuzu Wasp before that; an almost unbroken lineage back to 1965! And just to be clear, I may own two of those three historic Isuzu models, but am in no way biased; they’re a great ute either way.

Saddled up to the D-Max is a trailer sporting a pair of Kawasaki KX450 dirt bikes, allowing you to go fast rather than far. Updated and improved for 2022, the KX450 is an expert-level four-stroke single that just aches for the wilderness, and of course, someone to ride it. To put yourself in that position, treat yourself to a ticket in Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery 108.

There’s bound to be a lot of excitement around this lottery; the two options surely cover the wants of almost anyone, from single tradies to growing families to older retirees and everyone in between. But I haven’t touched the most important thing; the difference your ticket purchases make to those living with cancer, and the families of those around them. You help fund palliative care and ongoing research every time you buy a ticket and getting in on Lottery No. 108 will help that fight both far and fast.

Changing lives with every ticket

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