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Holden loving motor mechanic wins an HSV Maloo

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Colin did his apprenticeship in a Holden dealership and has spent over 40 years working as a motor mechanic, so it was a natural decision for him to purchase tickets in the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery.

“I always thought of it as a donation” he said, “but I did always think the odds are so much better than other competitions”.  For Colin, this turned out to be all too true when he received a call last month letting him know he had won his choice of V8 super ute.

The lucky winner had forgotten about his ticket purchase and didn’t even realise the lottery was being drawn, so the call came as quite a shock.

He recovered quickly however and after being told he had won, his first thought was how he could share his good luck. As well as a ute he won $7,500 gold bullion and despite a hand injury leaving him out of work, he instantly decided to gift some if it straight back to Mater Foundation.

Despite a natural love for Holden this true blue mechanic used his head not his heart  to choose between the HSV and FPV.  He thoroughly researched both cars, even down to the rear axle specs, before finally choosing the HSV Maloo, a decision based on the performance, but also, as he admitted “because it just looks good”.

When asked his favourite part of this big win, Colin surprised us by telling us it was the chance to surprise his friends. “I haven’t told anyone yet” he said “I will just roll up in my friend’s driveway in my brand new ute and let them ask the questions’.

This lucky winner flew all the way up from Victor Harbor, South Australia, to collect his V8 and will be going on the ultimate road trip home, with a few surprise stopovers to surprise his shocked friends of course!

Want to experience the feeling of winning? Purchase your tickets in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer and you could win your own V8.

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