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HSV GTS – The Icon

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The HSV GTS has held a hallowed place on the bedroom walls of boys and the garages of men for decades. Some say it’s nothing more than a hotted up Commodore. In a way, it is – but it’s also so much more, for many reasons.

The first official HSV GTS (the VP GTS) was birthed from a VN SS Group A Commodore HSV built specifically as a racing homologation model. The VP was put together with parts scavenged from the VN and given the nameplate of the original GTS Monaro from the golden era of muscle cars.

A 200kW power plant, unique GTS styling, cruise control, climate control, trip computer, power windows and three colour options made up the first HSV GTS released in 1992 .

Numerous models, styling and technology updates later, the GTS is the pinnacle of Australian performance motoring. From humble beginnings, the latest Gen-F 2 GTS boasts a supercharged 6.2L V8 producing 430kW, modern styling, an interior featuring a raft of modern comforts including 8-way electric adjustment seats, enhanced driver interface, nine speaker BOSE audio system and so much more.

As well as the luxuries, GTS owners enjoy truly cutting edge performance and safety tech including blind zone and reverse traffic alert, passive entry and remote start, automatic park assist, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, torque vectoring, magnetic ride control, launch control and competition mode electronic stability control.

Many have argued over the years that the GTS was an overpriced family car; the almost $100k price tag was far too much for a modified Commodore and for the same money you could buy something faster, more luxurious or more sensible.

The thing is the GTS has never focused on being sensible, or rational, or luxurious—despite being decked out with the latest technology. It’s loud, it turns heads, it’s a 6.2L supercharged V8! HSV claim a 0-100km/hr time of 4.4sec, while journos have managed 4.6. It makes us remember why we had posters of its older siblings on our bedroom walls.

HSV’s own tagline – ‘I just want one’ sums up all that the GTS is. It’s a big, grunty, V8 RWD that has for years invoked a fierce passion which will no doubt continue.

If someone said to me “Here’s a car that you can take to the shops to do your groceries or take your family on a road trip that will also do 0-100 in at least 4.6 seconds,” that’s something that I’m going to be very excited about.

And that’s what the GTS does – it excites you.

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Do you just want one?

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